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Poor leadership makes it easy to feel powerless. You may think the easiest solution is to walk away, but as a nurse, you can be accountable for your own self-leadership and the culture of the team you work with. You can, and already do, make a difference!

It's not just those with the title who actually lead in nursing. You are a nurse leader even if you don't know it. You are at the frontline of patient care, managing diverse tasks, coordinating with interdisciplinary teams, and navigating complex systems... you are already leading!

Enhancing your leadership skills will empower you to help others to effectively handle these challenges, contribute to improved patient outcomes, and make a difference.

Let the story of your leadership be told. Enhance your ability to take charge, elevate your influence, build resilience, and develop communication prowess.

By investing in the Nursing Leadership Certificate Course, you're not just enhancing your skills — you're securing a pathway to career advancement and making a lasting impact.

Enroll today and step into the future of nursing leadership!

  • Increase your confidence as a nurse leader
  • Discover proven techniques to navigate managerial responsibilities with ease
  • Novel tips to effectively communicate with your colleagues
  • Learn diverse communication strategies to ensure your messages resonate
  • Foster a positive and cohesive team environment
  • The truth about stress and time management
  • The single most important skill for team motivation
  • Become empowered to motivate and retain your team, even in challenging situations

Begin your journey to nursing leadership with confidence… and take the next step to advance your career.

Nursing Leadership Certificate Course

Develop the Leader Within You

$479.94 Value
Register Today for $239.97 — Incredible Savings!
Earn up to 9.5 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
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Leadership skills can propel your personal and professional development, enable you to embrace challenges, and actively seek opportunities for advancement.

Explore a unique curriculum designed to address the specific challenges faced by nurses who are in formal and informal leadership roles, setting this course apart from others in the field.

Our course consists of five streamlined modules, is packed with leadership case studies, and includes practical exercises that make learning leadership accessible and straightforward.

Also included are four downloadable tools you can start to use right away including:

  • Secret Angel Activity
  • Loneliness Assessment Scale
  • Time Management Planner
  • Stress Questionnaire

What Will You Learn?

Register today for immediate, unlimited access to online video modules that will walk you through the most effective approaches to developing your leadership skills. Equip yourself with essential management tools to navigate the challenges of a demanding healthcare environment with grace and poise. Here's what you'll discover in this course:
Nursing Leadership Certificate Course Outline

Module 1: Enhancing Your Influence as a Nurse Leader

  • Influencers Listen
    • Proven methods to enhance Your listening skills
    • Foster deeper connections
  • Lead by Example
    • Ethical leadership practices
    • Inspire trust and promote a culture of integrity
  • Empower Your Team
    • Strategies to empower and motivate
    • Create a collaborative atmosphere
    • Encourage innovation, growth, and mutual support

Module 2: Workplace Resilience through the Power of Social Connections

  • Increase Productivity
    • Collaborative workflow strategies
    • Techniques to promote teamwork
  • Enhance Retention
    • Key elements of a positive work environment
    • Long-term commitment
  • Improve Employee Health
    • Stress management techniques to enhance overall health

Module 3: You Can't Manage Time - But You Can Manage Yourself

  • Assessment of time investment
    • The importance of time/self-management
    • Strategy for analyzing your time utilization
    • Time management exercise
  • Prioritization
  • Intentionality
    • Two action items to promote time/self-management

Module 4: Managing the Stress in Your Life

  • Positive vs Negative Stress
    • Impact of stress on professional growth and development
    • Two risk factors of unmitigated stress
  • Using stress to your advantage
  • Controlling your response to stressful situations
    • Four steps to promote meaningful management of stressful situations

Module 5: Talk is Cheap but the Ability to Communicate is Golden

  • Communicating Your Message
  • Listening Effectively
    • Two strategies to find common ground with those who hold opposing views
  • Critical Reflection
    • Two practical steps to inspire others through the art of communication

Meet Your Nursing Leadership Course Expert

Stacy Ruse
Amy Siple, APRN, is a national speaker on healthcare issues that impact older adults and the empowerment of healthcare givers. She has been serving the primary care needs of residents in long-term care as a nurse practitioner for over 23 years. Amy has been appointed by three Kansas governors to serve on boards and task forces to represent the needs of older adults and currently serves on the Kansas board for Adult Care Home Executives. Amy is a TEDx speaker and a content expert for Project Echo. Under her leadership, as president of the Kansas Advanced Practice Nurses Association, Kansas became the 26th state to pass full practice authority for APRNs in 2022. She was given the AANP state award for excellence in 2023.

Amy was recently nominated as a 2024 Healthcare Hero by the Wichita Business Journal.

Amy is a graduate of the John Maxwell Leadership® program, which is grounded in the values-based leadership principles of one of the world's most recognized leadership authorities.

Click here for information about Amy Siple
Nursing Leadership Certificate Course
Develop the Leader Within You

$479.94 Value
Register Today for $239.97 — Incredible Savings!
Earn up to 9.5 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for Credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline
"The Healthy Leader": Prioritizing Leadership Skills and Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare Practice
Abby Waters, COTA/L, LPN, CPEQ, CPD, CPDF | Click here for information about Abby Waters

Emotional intelligence is vital for successful leadership — without it, nothing you do will be as impactful as it could or should be.

You’ll learn the science and strategies behind emotional intelligence and develop skills that help you inspire and motivate your patients and peers.

Join Abby Waters, healthcare professional and certified talent coach, as she explores: 

  • The explores the science and methodology of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 
  • Unpacking the 5 domains of EQ
  • Practical strategies for applying EQ as a health care leader 
Frequently Asked Questions

Whether your goal is to better yourself, improve informal leadership skills, or gain an official position as a nurse leader, this course is right for you. A nursing leader is a nurse who is interested in excelling in their nursing career path, who represents the interests of the nursing profession, and who has the knowledge and skills that differentiate them. Nursing leadership can take a lot of different forms. If you want to advance to the next level, this is the course for you.

A nurse leader is a nurse with a clear understanding of nursing, business, and leadership that allows them to deliver high levels of patient care, inspire their colleagues, manage a team of nurses, communicate their goals to the team, and motivate others. This can be in an informal role or a formal position.

Nurse leaders are essential to healthcare organizations for various reasons, including shaping workplace culture, impacting patient care, and influencing nursing practice. All nurses have the opportunity to take on a nursing leadership role and make a difference.

Upon completion of the Nursing Leadership Certificate Course, you will receive a certificate of completion that validates your knowledge of the essential elements of nursing leadership. Completion demonstrates your commitment to nursing and shows your peers and employers that you strive to grow in a leadership role. It identified you as a nurse who is willing to invest in your own professional development.
Nursing Leadership Certificate Course
Develop the Leader Within You

$479.94 Value
Register Today for $239.97 Today — Incredible Savings!
Earn up to 9.5 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for Credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline
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