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Pass your Maternal Newborn Nursing (RNC-MNN®) Exam... THE FIRST TIME!

The postpartum period is such a precious time for our mothers and their entire family. They deserve your expertise to ensure safe care for both mom and baby. With RNC-MNN® behind your name, the patients are assured that they have the most qualified and skilled nurse and can be confident in their care.

In this certification exam prep course, expert Kim Murphy, MS, APRN-CNP, WHNP-BC, RNC-MNN, RNC-OB, C-EFM, will equip you with all the clinical and professional issues covered according to the current exam blueprint, so you will pass the first time. Plus, you'll gain valuable test-taking strategies and tips — including an exclusive practice exam — that are certain to aid in your quest for success on the Maternal Newborn certification exam.

You will receive information that will not only guarantee certification exam success but will also enhance clinical nursing practice.

With the addition of RNC-MNN® to your name, you will be able to demonstrate to your patients, employers, and peers that you have the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the Maternal Newborn unit.

Plus, you will receive an additional Breastfeeding Course, free!

Revitalize your career, improve your earning potential, and get certified on your first attempt!

Maternal Newborn Nursing (RNC-MNN®) Certification

Exam Prep Course with Practice Test

Valued at $709.98
Today Only $354.99 — An Incredible Value!
Earn up to 18.5 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
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This online RNC-MNN® exam review course is designed to fit your personal schedule and timeline and includes the latest best practices to ensure you have all the right information to prepare for the exam. Engage in this in-depth training as you seek to earn your maternal newborn nursing certification.

Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification Review Course

Module 1: NCC Exam Overview

  • Overview of the Exam Process
  • Test Taking Tips
  • Study Resources


  • Maternal Health Status…Age, Nutrition, Obstetrical history, Psychosocial/Cultural Issues
  • Infertility, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery
  • Physiologic Changes and Associated Lab Values
  • Antepartum Risk Factors and Complications
  • Fetal Assessment -Biophysical Profile -Nonstress Test -Diagnostic Ultrasound -Amniocentesis -Quad Screen/Cell-Free DNA Testing
  • Significance of Fetal Heart Rate Patterns and Blood Gases, Cord Gases
  • Medications Used in Labor -Tocolytics -Analgesics -Anesthesia
  • Complications of Labor -Breech and Other Malpresentations -Meconium -Shoulder Dystocia -PROM and Chorioamnionitis -Prolonged Labor -Abruption -Placenta Previa -Cord Prolapse -Precipitous Delivery
  • o Methods of Delivery -Vaginal -Operative Delivery (Forceps, Vacuum, Cesarean) -VBAC


  • o Reproductive, Cardiopulmonary, Genitourinary, Gastrointestinal, Hematological, Endocrine changes
  • Postpartum Assessment, Postoperative Care, and Medications
  • Common Medications…Insulin, Analgesics (Tylenol), Antimicrobials, Antihypertensives, Diuretics, Oxytocics, GI Motility Drugs, Vaccines, Rh Immune Globulin (RhoGAM), Nicotine Patches, Antiretroviral, Methadone
  • Common Problems and Complications, Patient Education
  • Newborn Feeding/Breastfeeding…Nutrition, Breast Milk Composition, Maternal Nutritional Needs
  • Maternal/Newborn Separation, Newborn Complications, Barriers to Interactions, Cultural Factors, Abuse, Adoption, Perinatal Grief
  • Parent/Infant Interactions, Maternal Role Transition, Sibling Response


  • Hemorrhage, thrombophlebitis, and hematoma in postpartum care
  • Chronic hypertension, gestational/eclampsia, and shock
  • Postpartum infections, including endometritis, wound infections, and urinary tract infections
  • Challenges related to diabetes during and after pregnancy
  • Postpartum mental health issues and substance use disorders, including sleep disturbances and depression


  • Initial Adaptations, Physiological changes, and thermoregulation at birth
  • Neurobehavioral evaluation and systems review
  • Care and Education: Cord care, safety guidelines, and basic medication information
  • Resuscitation, management protocols, and Apgar scoring
  • Gestational Age Assessment methods and associated laboratory values
  • Screening for congenital heart defects, car seat safety, and newborn behavioral observation


  • Complexities of Cyanotic and Acyanotic Heart Diseases
  • Neonatal seizures and jitters
  • Anemia, hyperbilirubinemia, and thrombocytopenia in newborns
  • Neonatal sepsis, viral and bacterial infections with precision
  • Neonatal hypoglycemia, inborn errors of metabolism, and maternal diabetes impact


  • Ethics
  • Documentation

RNC-MNN® Practice Questions

  • Practice exam questions to assess your readiness
  • Prepare for your test with realistic questions
  • Take as many times as you need

Note: The Maternal Newborn Nursing exam is administered by the National Certification Corporation to certify those pursuing a career in maternal newborn nursing.

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Maternal Newborn Nursing (RNC-MNN®) Certification
Exam Prep Course with Practice Test

$709.98 ValueToday Only $354.99 — An Incredible Value!
Earn up to 18.5 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for Credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline
This MNN Certification Exam Prep Course Includes:

  • Immediate Online Access to Video Sessions providing a comprehensive review of maternal and newborn care
  • Maternal Newborn Nursing Course Manual
  • A Bonus Breastfeeding Course included to complement the review and reinforce breastfeeding best practice
  • Online RNC-MNN® Practice Test to assess your readiness to sit for the actual exam
  • Continuing Education Credit — complete the entire course and earn up to 18.5 CE hours and 5.75 CERPS
  • Collaboration with other online students to help with problem-solving and to keep you motivated
  • Unlimited Access to all videos and materials online, plus you can download all resources to own forever

Get to Know Your Maternal Newborn Speaker
Kim Murphy
Kim Murphy, MS, APRN-CNP, RNC-OB, RNC-MNM, WHNP-BC, C-EFM, has 35 years of nursing experience, with over 30 years in the women's health and perinatal arenas. She is certified in women's health, inpatient obstetrics, fetal monitoring, and maternal newborn nursing. Additionally, Kim is a national, AWHONN-designated fetal monitoring instructor for both intermediate and advanced programs. She is a nurse planner and has created programs for neonatal, obstetrical, and women's health topics, presenting throughout the country.

Kim has worked in Level I and Level III institutions, along with providing women's health services in both the private office and public health settings. Kim is on staff at Poling Law in Columbus, OH, as their obstetrical and women's health legal nurse consultant, working with attorneys across the country on legal issues.

Click here for information about Kim Murphy

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Take the RNC-MNN® practice test to assess your readiness to take the certification exam.
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Maternal Newborn Nursing (RNC-MNN®) Certification

Exam Prep Course with Practice Test

Valued at $709.98
Today Only $354.99 — An Incredible Value!
Earn up to 18.5 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for Credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline

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