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Children struggling with impulse control, focus and self-regulation don't have years to get through trainings and therapies. They need to get help now to move forward and find success as quickly as possible.

Now the leading voice in the children's yoga and mindfulness, Jennifer Cohen Harper, MA, E-RYT, RCYT, shares her proven, holistic treatment strategies in an intensive online course that will permanently transform your work with children and adolescents.
Yoga & Mindfulness Tools for Children & Adolescents
Improve emotional regulation and increase attention with today's most effective pathways to healing.
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No previous yoga or mindfulness experience needed.

“Jennifer Cohen Harper offers a step by step map to help you make this body-centered mindfulness practice a regular part of your life with the kids you care for.”

– Daniel J. Siegel, MD
Here's what's included...
Yoga & Mindfulness Tools for Children and Adolescents: Improve Emotional Regulation and Increase Attention
In this transformational course, Jennifer Cohen Harper, MA, E-RYT, RCYT, gives you time tested and well researched practices to help the children you work with manage impulse control, improve self-regulation of emotions, and enhance their ability to focus.

Immediately apply these tools and strategies to your practice to solve these challenging problems in a holistic and strength-based way.

Using the framework of Connect, Breathe, Move, Focus and Relax, you'll guide your clients from a state of reactivity and anxiety to a state of balance and engagement through:
8 principles for teaching yoga and mindfulness to kids
15+ effective, engaging activities to immediately offer your clients
5 key elements of sharing yoga and mindfulness with children
Skills to help children connect to their emotional experience and to others: Mindful listening, worksheets, caring feelings meditation, and the "I am in Charge" mantra
Practices to stabilize energy and emotions: Heart and belly breath, langhana breath and alternate nostril breathing
Yoga based movement tools for self-regulation: Grounding poses, strengthening poses and balancing poses
Activities to build focus and attention capacity: Thought river meditation, expand energy meditation, single pointed focus
Activities to calm the nervous system: Restorative postures, yoga nidra for children
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FREE Bonus:
Yoga & Mindfulness Based Practices to Support Children & Adolescents
Children with ADHD have tremendous inner resources to support their own well-being. In this bonus CE seminar, you'll master concrete, easy to implement practices that will help your clients develop their capacity for self-regulation and connect with their own strength.
  • Understand ADHD Through the Body and Nervous System
  • How Can Yoga & Mindfulness Help Children with ADHD?
  • The 5 Elements of Yoga and Mindfulness Practices
  • Connect Activity to Orient and Sooth the Protective Brain: Layers of Sound
  • Breathe Activity to Regulate Nervous System: Breath of Joy
  • Move Activity to Calm and Ground: Chair Yoga Sequence
  • Focus Activity to Improve Attention: I Am In Charge
  • Relax Activity to Increase Embodiment and Support Rest: Tense and Let Go

FREE Bonus:
Breathwork Practices to Regulate Energy Level and Arousal in Children & Adolescents
Our breath offers us a powerful tool that works directly with our nervous system in support of self-regulation. This free bonus CE seminar will teach you six time-tested, safe and effective breath-based practices to share with your clients and students.

You will also learn modifications and considerations for children at different ages and address common concerns such as asthma and allergies.

FREE Bonus:
Yoga & Mindfulness Based Tools for Children & Adolescents to Manage Anxiety & Navigate Stressful Situations
When children can’t cope, challenges become stressors, and anxiety replaces anticipation. This free bonus CE seminar offers concrete, easily taught practices to help your clients and students learn to access their inner resources, calm their anxiety, transform their relationship to stress, and thrive even when life is challenging.
  • What anxiety is telling us: Listening to the messages of the body
  • Our Stress Response and harnessing its power
  • Repairing the Mind-Body Communication System: Embodiment and its relationship to anxiety reduction
  • Agency and Personal Power: Practices to teach our minds how strong we are
  • Connect activity to gain perspective and orient to the present moment: Five Senses Practice
  • Breathe Activity to Soothe the Nervous System: Resistance Breathing
  • Movement Practices to Enhance Sense of Agency and Strength: Mountain Pose Exploration; Feeling My Strength
  • Focus Activity to Practice Grounding and Stabilizing: Body Connection Focus Practice
  • Relaxation Practice to Rest and Repair: Restorative Yoga Poses
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Valued at $319.99 — Today Only $319.99 USD
EARN UP TO 10.75 CE HOURS — Included in the price!
Jennifer Cohen Harper, MA, E-RYT, RCYT, is a leading voice in the children's yoga and mindfulness community, and the author of Little Flower Yoga for Kids: A Yoga and Mindfulness Program to Help Your Child Improve Attention and Emotional Balance, and co-editor of Best Practices for Yoga in Schools. She is the founder and director of Little Flower Yoga, a national organization based in New York, and The School Yoga Project, which brings yoga and mindfulness to schools nationwide, including directly serving over 5000 children a week in NYC alone.

Jennifer is the board president of the Yoga Service Council and an active member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. In addition to her work in schools, Jennifer leads a well-respected children's yoga and mindfulness teacher certification program, and provides therapeutic yoga classes to children and families. Her work has been featured in prominent publications including The New York Times, The International Journal of Yoga Therapy, Publishers Weekly, and Yoga Journal, and endorsed by thought leaders including Daniel Siegel, Sharon Salzberg and Congressman Tim Ryan. Jennifer is a talented presenter, offering powerful information in a practical, easy-to-implement format with warmth, humor and joy.

Speaker Disclosures: 
Financial: Jennifer Cohen Harper is the founder/director of Little Flower Yoga and The School Yoga Project. She is a compensated author for New Harbinger Publications. Her work on yoga and mindfulness has been featured in numerous publications including The New York Times and the International Journal of Yoga Therapy. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc. Nonfinancial: Jennifer Cohen Harper is the vice president of the Yoga Service Council. She is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.



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Yoga & Mindfulness Tools for Children and Adolescents
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