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Child work IS family work.

Because trauma doesn't just affect the kids and teens in your caseload. It tears apart families and erodes their connection and trust.

That's why you need specialized trauma training on treating children AND working with their families.

And now with this self-paced online course, you can establish yourself as a trusted certified provider ready to deliver top-level trauma care to your young clients…

…and catalyze the healing power of love and connection in their families so they can thrive.

You'll join childhood trauma expert Dr. Dana Wyss and Certified Family Trauma Professional Nathan Croy.

With detailed step-by-step instruction full of real-world examples, they'll give you the skills and clinical tools you need to successfully treat young clients' traumatic wounds and restore harmony and hope to their families.

They'll share best practices and specific interventions so you can establish safety, stabilize families in crisis, create playful and engaging sessions, teach parents to navigate trauma-driven behaviors, and much more.

PLUS, upon completion of this course, you'll earn TWO TRAUMA CERTIFICATIONS and become a Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional (CATP) and a Certified Family Trauma Professional (CFTP)! *Professional Standards Apply

So don't wait. Start your journey to becoming a trusted childhood trauma expert today.

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Dual Certified Child and Family Trauma Professional

Play, CBT and Creative Arts for Healing and Connection in Kids, Teens and Parents

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Plus, earn up to 26.5 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
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What's Inside
You get two FULL-length certification trainings — you'll begin by expanding and refining your knowledge on treating kids and adolescents with trauma. Then, you'll dive into content that will help you be effective in conjoint sessions or doing family therapy when trauma is present.
Dana Wyss
Certified Child & Adolescent Trauma Professional Training: Creative & Playful Paths to Treat Acute & Complex Trauma.

Learn how to work in creative, evidence-based ways with all types of trauma — from acute and developmental to complex — with kids and adolescents. This training gives you the crucial building blocks to make strong connections with your young clients and the foundation for successful family therapy and long-term healing.

Prepare for Trauma Work
  • Creative ways to educate youth and families
  • Collaborative assessment of client's needs
  • From Bowlby to today attachment styles
  • Trauma's impact on attachment and ability to heal
  • Evolution of language and understanding
  • Physiological, relational, spiritual, emotional symptoms and outcomes of trauma

Regulation and Co-Regulation — Modeling/Teaching/Experiencing
  • Safely explore power differential
  • Explore and expand the window of tolerance
  • Arrow of comfort
  • Stations of modulation - Create a modulation tool kit

Best Practices for Assessment
  • Consideration for Referral and Diagnosis
  • Evidenced-based assessment tools — can or cannot use
  • Streamlined intake — ask the right questions
  • ACE and developmental trauma
  • Diagnosing with DSM-5-TR™

Creating and Assessing Safety — Interactive with Scope of Practice
  • Create your own safe space activity
  • Building routines in session — families, school, and milieu systems
  • Identify safe people and relationships
Compare Evidence-Based/Informed Treatments for High-Level Trauma
  • EMDR
  • Neurosequential
  • Brainspotting
  • DBT
  • ARC
  • TF-CBT
  • Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Somatic Therapy
  • Play Therapy

Expressive Arts and Treatment
  • Non-verbal approaches
  • Relaxation
  • Writing and journaling
  • Poetry
  • Visual art
  • Rhythmic movement
  • Use of metaphor

Move from Surviving to Thriving
  • Activity
  • Case conceptualization — integration of trauma narrative — story, timeline, poem
  • Closure group activity
  • Sample questionnaires
  • Risks and Limitations

Nathan Croy
Family Trauma Treatment Certification Training: Interventions for Hope & Change

Take your scope of practice that much further by learning how to treat families that have experienced trauma. You'll see the transformation on a whole new level with the comprehensive skills in this training that move families forward from the past.

How Trauma is Created and Maintained in Families
  • Neurological substrates and sources of trauma
  • Trauma as a disruption of trust
  • Personal innate resiliency
  • Impacts on family culture
  • Responses of the people around the traumatized person
  • Maintenance of trauma effects (re-traumatization, dismissive of actual trauma, ignorance)

A Systemic Approach to Trauma Treatment
  • Families as the source of healing for trauma
  • Create secure connections and increase resiliency
  • Build trust as it relates to anxiety, fear, and threat
  • Bowenian Family Therapy, Emotionally
  • Focused Family Therapy and other systemic models
  • Research, risks and treatment limitations

Stabilize Families for Treatment with Safety Planning
  • Risk Assessments
  • Systemic Safety Planning
  • How to customize the safety plan
  • Managing physiological responses
  • Integrating with treatment

Early Session Strategies to Enhance Family Engagement
  • When it's a bad idea to include the whole family
  • Assessing for DV and other risks
  • Use family sculpting to reveal family dynamics
  • Working individually in order to work systemically
  • Games and activities to:
    • Assess a child's self-esteem and worldview
    • Increase open communication
    • Identify themes to be explored in future sessions

Family System Self-Regulation: Coping Skills to Modulate Emotions
  • Implementation
  • How to notice warning signs early
  • Using coping skills for calm
  • Identifying primary emotions
The Keys to Making and Maintaining Progress
  • Teach caregivers to depersonalize trauma
  • Help caregivers better respond to trauma-driven behaviors
  • Identifying reactions
  • Scripts
  • ARC
  • Case studies
  • Role-plays to ensure proper implementation

Solutions for Defenses, Deflections and Frustrations
  • Preparing families for resistance to growth
  • Tips for reframing the problem as the solution
  • Effective ways to deal with deflection and defenses
  • The difference between deflection, projection, and transference
  • Ego defense mechanisms or personality disorder?
  • FAIR intervention to mitigate frustration
  • Three phases of family growth (Protect, Prepare, Participate)

Improve Communication, Set Healthy Boundaries and Rebuild Trust
  • Practical tips for educating families on boundaries
  • The House Metaphor for understanding boundaries
  • Reinforcing boundaries after setting them
  • Boundaries vs rules — the benefits of agreements vs. control
  • Rebuilding trust — what works and what doesn't
  • Trust Equation — an online assessment

Facilitate Forgiveness, Build Empathy and Move Families Forward
  • Addressing shame in family systems
  • Overcome the impact of survivors' guilt on families
  • How family members can stop “shoulding” themselves
  • The Forgiveness Triangle (Empathy, Grief, Meaning)
  • Exercises to facilitate the forgiveness of self

Become a Certified Child and Family Therapist

$1,239.95 ValueONLY $299.99 Today!
Plus, earn up to 26.5 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for Credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline
BONUS! A $319.97 Value — YOURS FREE!
Playful Parts: The Intersection of Play Therapy and Internal Family Systems
Carmen Jimenez-Pride, LCSW, LISW-CP, ERYT, RCYT, RPT-S | Click here for information about Carmen Jimenez-Pride

Join Carmen as she expertly pairs the therapeutic power of play with the non-pathologizing, flexible approach of IFS therapy. Through expert explanation and demonstration, Carmen will teach you how to integrate these two powerful therapy methods so you can help young clients:

  • Release shame as they explore and make sense of their internal sensations and experiences
  • Give voice to all their "parts," none of which are bad or wrong
  • Express and process painful emotions, urges, and memories without assigning blame or shame to them
  • Unhook from distressing beliefs about themselves and their experiences
  • Enhance social relationships, foster emotional wellness, and build on personal strengths
  • Develop cognitive flexibility and reframe self-doubt
And so much more!

Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional Certification Fee

Demonstrate to colleagues, clients, and employers your elevated competency in treating kids and adolescents with trauma.
*Professional Standards Apply

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Certified Family Trauma Professional Certification Fee

Take your credentials even further with this family trauma certification that shows you understand every facet of working with trauma in the family system!
*Professional Standards Apply

Click here to learn more about CFTP Certification
Meet Your Expert Child & Family Therapy Speakers

Dana Wyss
Dana Wyss, PhD, LMFT, ATR-BC, is a board-certified art therapist, and marriage and family therapist, holds a doctorate in expressive therapies, and is the coauthor of The Invisible String Workbook. Her doctorate in expressive therapies has led her to create programs integrating art, music, poetry, dance, and animal-assisted therapy in the healing process for clients and the self-care of staff. For the last 25 years, Dr. Wyss has worked in psychiatric hospitals, group homes, and nonpublic school settings to manage crises, conduct training, coach staff, and support children and families. Dr. Wyss is a corporate clinical training specialist and clinical/art therapy supervisor at Stars Behavioral Health Group, a company specializing in the treatment of complex developmental trauma. She also owns a small private practice where she specializes in the use of art and play for all ages. Dr. Wyss is a national trainer and consultant with the Center for Trauma Training and national trainer to raise awareness of the commercial sexual exploitation of children. She uses her creativity for her own healing as well as to support others.

Click here for information about Dana Wyss

Nathan D. Croy, LCMFT, CFTP, is a clinically licensed marriage and family therapist with extensive experience working with families, teenagers, and children impacted by trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, and abuse. Nathan has been designated a Clinical Fellow by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and is a Certified Family Trauma Professional (CFTP) through Evergreen Certifications. He is also trained in Trauma Systems Therapy, Parent Management Training, and EMDR. In addition to private practice, Nathan has extensive experience working in outpatient and inpatient settings including in foster care systems, a psychiatric hospital, and as a therapist at The University of Kansas Hospital. He earned his master's in marriage and family therapy from Bethel Seminary.

Click here for information about Nathan Croy
Nathan D. Croy

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Many therapists find that the best way to attract and retain the types of clients they want to work with is by getting high-quality education in the area they're most passionate about. Therapists who work with kids almost always work with the caregivers or family systems to some degree, this course makes your work that much easier. Not only do you get essential information on treating kids with trauma, but you also get a full education on working with trauma in the family system. This allows you to broaden your scope of practice and help your clients that much more, all in one simple training.

Start today and earn both your Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional certification and your Family Trauma Treatment Certification!

This course provides an unparalleled training experience, you get over 26 hours of on-demand content to take at your pace, at your convenience. You're learning from renowned experts who've dedicated their lives to healing kids and families from trauma. Plus, you get bonus content on healing childhood trauma and how to use Play Therapy with Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS). And, remember, you also walk away with two new certifications.

We're so confident this course will take your practice further that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Learn how to Train in Play Therapy & More for Kids & Families

$1,239.95 ValueONLY $299.99 Today!
Plus, earn up to 26.5 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for Credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline

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