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We all have our own story. We all have our own trauma.
And at our core, we all want to be loved.

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FREE Live Online Workshop
To Be Loved Summit:
A Discussion of Truth, Trauma, and Transformation
May 6th, 2024
11:00AM to 12:00PM CDT
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About the Esteemed Panel
Frank Anderson

Frank Anderson, MD @frank_andersonmd

Frank Anderson, MD, is a world-renowned trauma expert, Harvard-trained psychiatrist, global speaker, and international bestselling author of Transcending Trauma. He believes that traumatic events have a lasting effect on the health and well-being of individuals and that addressing these events will lead people down a path of healing and forgiveness.

As a result of his early childhood experiences and personal journey of transformation, he cofounded the Trauma Institute and Trauma-Informed Media, organizations that are dedicated to bringing more awareness, compassion, and unity to the world. He splits his time between Boston and Los Angeles with his husband and two sons. Follow him @frank_andersonmd on Instagram and at

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Nicole LePera

Nicole LePera, PhD @the.holistic.psychologist

Dr. Nicole LePera was trained in clinical psychology at Cornell University and The New School for Social Research and also studied at the Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis. As a clinical psychologist in private practice, Dr. Nicole found herself frustrated by the limitations of traditional psychotherapy. Wanting more for her patients—and for herself—she began a journey to create a unified philosophy of mental, physical and spiritual health that equips people with the tools to heal themselves.

Offering a true paradigm shift in mental wellbeing, Dr. Nicole's teachings empower the individual to break free from inherited beliefs and uncover their authentic Selves. She is the New York Times bestselling author of How to Be the Love You Seek and How to Do the Work and is the creator of the #SelfHealers movement, an international community of people joining together to take healing into their own hands.

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Matthias Barker

Matthias J. Barker, LMHC @matthiasjbarker

Matthias is a psychotherapist and the CEO and co-founder of the Trauma Institute with Dr. Frank Anderson, providing clinical training for psychotherapists and education for the general public on healing from trauma.

He is widely recognized for his unique approach to making mental health knowledge and skills accessible to the wider public. Through platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and his top-ranking Spotify podcast, Matthias delivers psychoeducational content to a following of over 3 million people. His innovative blend of engaging content and relevant mental health advice has fostered a vibrant online community that is centered on healing, personal growth, and moving toward what’s meaningful despite hardship.

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David Kessler

David Kessler @iamdavidkessler

David Kessler is one of the world’s foremost experts on grief and loss. His experience with thousands of people on the edge of life and death has taught him the secrets to living a happy and fulfilled life, even afterlife’s tragedies. He is the author of six books, including the new bestselling book, Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief. He co-authored two books with Elisabeth Kubler Ross, including On Grief and Grieving updated her 5 stages for grief. His first book, The Needs of The Dying received praise from Saint (Mother) Teresa.

David’s personal experience as a child witnessing a mass shooting while his mother was dying in a hospital helped him begin his journey. For most of his life, David has taught physicians, nurses, counselors, police, and first responders about the end of life, trauma, and grief. He facilitates talks, workshops and retreats for those experiencing grief. However, despite his vast knowledge on grief, his life was turned upside down by the sudden death of his twenty-one-year-old son. It inspired him to write his newest book, Finding Meaning.

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Sara Kuburic

Sara Kuburic, DR. SCIENT. PTH @themillennialtherapist

Sara was born in Yugoslavia and raised in Canada. She often throws around the word “nomad” or – worse still – “digital nomad” to describe her lifestyle. She is constantly packing and repacking my suitcase, being humbled, inspired, and compelled by humanity in all its various contexts. She has lived in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, before settling in Australia. She is the bestselling author of It’s On Me.

She is an existential psychotherapist with a doctorate in Psychotherapy Science (Dr. scient. pth.) from Sigmund Freud University, Vienna. She studied under the supervision of Alfried Längle—the founder of Existential Analysis. She is a trauma-informed clinician with a person-centered approach that is grounded in existential analysis, as well as somatic and experiential techniques. She specializes in moral trauma, identity, existential crisis, and relationship issues. She has an M.A. in Counselling Psychology and has received her undergraduate degree in B.Sc. in Psychology.

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About To Be Loved:
To Be Loved
"This lucid and wonderful book provides the reader with a compelling autobiographical account of the intricate life journey of a prominent trauma therapist and his courageous road to healing. Frank Anderson gently shows how his life’s work has its roots in his own history―his troubled upbringing, the relatively late emergence of his sexual identity (that clearly led to a vastly heightened capacity for intimacy), and the courageous transition to raising two sons in a two-male-parent household. A passionate, courageous, and inspiring work."
Bessel van der Kolk, MD, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Body Keeps the Score
"Leading trauma expert Frank Anderson gifts us with an intimate and vulnerable glimpse into his personal journey of self-discovery to overcome his own childhood trauma. To Be Loved is a beautifully written and empowering story of resilience, healing, and forgiveness that offers hope for all survivors of childhood trauma."
-Nicole LePera, PhD, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller How to Be the Love You Seek and How to Do the Work
"To Be Loved captures the precious fragility of a childhood impacted in equal measure by authentic love and deep dysfunction. Filled with humor, empathy, and candid self-reflection, Frank’s story demonstrates the power of love to heal trauma, develop resilience, and ultimately find forgiveness and restoration."
Lori Gottlieb, New York Times bestselling author, TED speaker, co-host of the popular Dear Therapists podcast, and Dear Therapist columnist for The Atlantic
Rarely does a trauma therapist disclose their own trauma history . . . yet it’s the untold, brutally honest, incredibly heartbreaking story of Dr. Frank Anderson that made him the world-renowned trauma expert he is today.

Known for his magnetic and radiant personality, Frank spends his time training thousands of clinicians around the world on how to help clients with complex trauma make sense of their suffering. But underneath this charismatic exterior are his dark family secrets, including the marks of child abuse from his father and the invisible scars of shame.

His colleagues and fellow therapists would never know this . . . until now.

In To Be Loved, Frank shares his confusing experience of growing up an outsider in a typical midwestern Italian American home that was at one turn fiercely loving but at the same time unaccepting, abusive, and rife with secrets.

After enduring six years of therapy as a child in the 1970s, he was programmed to be something that he wasn’t for decades, and became driven to create the perfect life―complete with a family, a successful career and a house with a white picket fence in the suburbs―until it all fell apart.

It was only then that he realized resilience, forgiveness and facing his trauma were the keys to living an authentic life―and finally knowing what it feels like to be loved.
FREE Live Online Workshop
To Be Loved Summit:
A Discussion of Truth, Trauma, and Transformation
May 6th, 2024
11:00AM to 12:00PM CDT
Can't attend live?
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