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Motivational Interviewing:
The Language of Change with Dr. Stephen Rollnick
It was the worst session of my life...
In the early years of my career, before I helped develop Motivational Interviewing, I was put in charge of a group of young alcoholics. One evening, a patient known to all of my colleagues as being notoriously resistant in the group treatment environment walked in and sat down. He said nothing.
At the end of the session he left, went home, and shot his wife and himself in front of two children.
In the years that followed I asked myself many serious questions about how we can truly care for our clients; especially our clients that challenge our skills as a therapist and make us feel as if we are failing them. These questions led to new treatment strategies that became the foundation of Motivational Interviewing: a powerful, evidence based practice that enables us to escape the pattern of struggling with clients and instead evoke our client's own motivation to change.
Now I want to teach you step by step how to integrate Motivational Interviewing into your current treatment strategies and increase your positive outcomes.
In my online intensive course, Motivational Interviewing: The Language of Change
I will give you the tools you need to improve your work with your most challenging clients.
Imagine the satisfaction you will feel knowing that your client's transformation stems from your new skills to elicit their own motivation to commit to lasting change.
I look forward to seeing you in the course.
Dr. Stephen Rollnick
Co-founder of Motivational Interviewing
Motivational Interviewing
The Language of Change with Dr. Stephen Rollnick
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Get the evidence based skills to motivate your clients toward change.
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Motivational Interviewing: The Language of Change with Dr. Stephen Rollnick
In this six-module video course, you'll learn step by step from Motivational Interviewing co-founder Dr. Stephen Rollnick how to refine your communication style to increase positive outcomes with your clients. Through lecture, client vignettes, analysis, and discussion, you'll learn to use a compassionate, curious effort to elicit your client's own arguments for change.
Module 1: The Foundation & Essence of MI
Through lecture and discussion, you'll explore the foundations of MI with Dr. Stephen Rollnick. During a video interview with the co-founders of MI, you'll take an in-depth look at the unique and essential aspects of MI and start refining your guiding communication style.


Module 2: MI Framework & Skills
This module comes from a workshop on MI and contains a mixture of stories, lecture and detailed discussion on the skills involved with MI. You'll watch commentary featuring MI co-founder William Miller, Ph.D., and Dr. Rollnick discussing the four fundamental processes of MI.


Module 3: MI & Mental Health—3 Clients
Through three client vignettes, you'll explore the heart of Motivational Interviewing. You'll also take a closer look at how Motivational Interviewing works in an interview with the co-founders of MI: William R. Miller, Terri Moyers and Stephen Rollnick.
Module 4: Demonstration and Analysis
This module starts with the pre-recorded illustration of the four processes using a unique opportunity provided by a past workshop participant. This series of unrehearsed simulations allows Dr. Rollnick to describe a case and proceed through a session while allowing breaks for discussion when beneficial. You'll also view interviews with the MI co-founders discussing developing discrepancy and exploring motivation to change.


Module 5: Observing the Practice of MI
This module provides an opportunity to observe numerous counselors and how they apply MI to their practice. Each video will be followed by commentary from Dr. Rollnick where he will showcase how each therapist infused MI with their practice, personality and style.


Module 6: Challenges and Opportunities
In the final module, you'll take a hard look at the signals of discord in clients. You'll then learn ways to respond with care, not confrontation. Throughout the module, you'll view simulated client videos featuring the founders of MI working with actors to demonstrate examples of consistent MI use during a session as well as inconsistent use during a session.

About Stephen Rollnick, Ph.D.
New course featuring Dr. Stephen Rollnick
Stephen Rollnick, Ph.D., is a former faculty member of the Department of Primary Care & Public Health at Cardiff University, Wales. He has also worked for many years as a clinical psychologist in the British National Health Service. With a background in the addiction field, his interest turned to consultations about behavior change in wider mental health & healthcare practice, where practitioners try to encourage clients to change their lifestyle and use of medication. Dr. Rollnick’s research and teaching activity is now focused on the behavior of practitioners and other topics. He has trained practitioners in many countries and continents, and has published a wide range of research papers, articles and books.

• Co-author, with William R. Miller, of key texts on motivational interviewing, including the recently published Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change, 3rd Edition
• 25 years’ experience working with therapists and practitioners across the globe 
• Co-founder and leading member of the international Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) 
• Clinical expertise in addiction, panic and anxiety, HIV-AIDS, chronic illness and depression
Speaker Disclosure
Financial: Stephen Rollnick receives compensation from PESI, Inc. for developing course material, speaking, and product sales.
Non-Financial: Stephen Rollnick has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.
Here's what others have to say...
...about Dr. Stephen Rollnick's intensive online training:
"I appreciate Rollnick’s backstory about his disillusionment with traditional confrontational treatment (spurred on by a tragic client loss) and then how he found so much value in MI. I’ve experienced how guiding makes an immediate difference for me and for my clients,supervisees—even friends and family. That’s why I’ve been so adamant about training coaches in MI skills… I’m always looking for ways to make MI SIMPLE enough and yet compelling so my trainees are ready to practice it, so I’m appreciating these videos!"
- Ann
"Succinct presentation and well crafted role plays! Thank you so much."
"Thank you very much, Dr. Rollnick, for a wonderfully clear and enlightening presentation!"
– Pat
"Thoroughly enjoyed the content (for every practice) & Stephen's style of delivery!"
"Fantastic lecture. Now I know for sure to look for Dr. Rollnick for further training! Thank you!!!"
– Rosemary
"Excellent presentation. Dr. Rollnick provides clear information on the attitudes and steps used in motivational interviewing. He also provides a live demonstration with an actress that helped me to see how the process works."
– G. Gravitt
Motivational Interviewing
The Language of Change with Dr. Stephen Rollnick
Valued at $299.99 TODAY ONLY $214.99
Get Started Now
Earn up to 10.5 CE hours – included in the price. Click here for Credit details.
Course Outline
Motivational Interviewing
The 4-process framework
MI in goal setting and change planning
From “behavior change” to change
Behavior Change and Motivational Interviewing
The principles of MI are universal
Integrating Motivational Interviewing in Your Practice
MI complementing any therapeutic orientation
The language you and the client use makes a big difference!
Addressing motivational problems in:
Health behavior changes
Medication adherence
Addictions and mental health disorders
The Traps that Prevent Change
Observe the traps
Apply MI skills to avoid traps
The “Righting Reflex”
Core Skills of Motivational Interviewing
Listening-MI Style
The focus on change talk
Motivational Interviewing and communication styles
Learning Motivational Interviewing
The spirit
Change talk & sustain talk
Motivational Interviewing in Action – Demonstration and Discussion
Guiding and following
What MI does NOT look like
Challenges and Opportunities in Motivational Interviewing
Resistance and discord
Exploring values
Shortage of time
The evidence base
Learning and implementing MI
Here's how this intensive online course will work...
Get step by step guidance through over 10 hours of video materials with Dr. Stephen Rollnick. Through both lecture on the foundations of MI as well as commentary on MI demonstrations, Dr. Rollnick has designed this intensive online course to provide you with the tools and strategies you need to infuse Motivational Interviewing with your current treatment strategies. Click here for course objectives and outline.
Interact and collaborate with other professionals in the online community through chat boards and online forums as you develop your MI skills and build your professional network.
Build on the concepts and training at your own pace. Watch your email for an order confirmation with account access to get started on the materials instantly. Access all course videos and materials online forever. Plus, use the PESI Mobile™ app to access the course content on-the-go, wherever and whenever you want on your mobile devices.
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Motivational Interviewing
The Language of Change with Dr. Stephen Rollnick
Valued at $299.99 TODAY ONLY $214.99
Get Started Now
Earn up to 10.5 CE hours – included in the price. Click here for Credit details.
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