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It's never been easier to learn from RockTape's premiere speakers, whose time-tested treatment models are unparalleled in creating successful and lasting outcomes.

Whether you're a clinician or a fitness professional — this extensive course is built to bridge the gap between rehab and higher levels of performance. Filled with innovative and novel techniques to improve functional outcomes, you'll learn effective evidence-informed treatments that you can implement immediately:
  • Practical strategies to improve mobility, stability, and motor control
  • Soft tissue techniques: cupping, massage guns, IASTM, foam rolling, and more!
  • Functional exercise progressions that really work — following the kinetic chain. Shoulder, spine, core, hip, knee, ankle… it's all here!

If you're looking for NEW, effective ways to help your patients find pain relief and freedom of movement, we've got some big news for you:

You will learn proven methods and strategies for improving patient outcomes — and we guarantee it.

Rehabilitation and Sports Performance Intensive Online Training

Earn up to 32 CE hours all for one low price!
Valued at $1,919.84 — Yours Today for Only $399.99!
Here's a peek at the cutting-edge interventions and approaches:

  • Evidence-informed, brain-based approach to functional movement programming

  • A blueprint for exercise progression and regression

  • NEW and NOVEL uses for the tools you already own: cups, tape, massage guns, IASTM tools, foam rollers, massage balls, and more!

  • An exclusive inside look at what techniques yield the best results

Plus, you'll get essential updates to some of the most important and trending topics in rehabilitation and performance, including how to help your clients:
— Reduce systemic inflammation with holistic nutrition strategies

— Implement a strength training program that they'll actually stick to

— Better understand the hows and whys of self-myofascial work in their home exercise program
Rehabilitation and Sports Performance Intensive Online Training
Earn up to 32 CE hours all for one low price!
Valued at $1,919.84 — Yours Today for Only $399.99!

Mitch Hauschildt
A Multimodal Approach for Treating Complex Hip Injuries
Mitch Hauschildt, MA, ATC, CSCS | Click here for information about Mitch Hauschildt
Explore treatment options for many common issues in the hip: FAI, labral tears and sports hernias.
  • Manual therapy, dry needling, corrective exercise
  • Effectively reduce pain and improve function
  • Applications for post-surgical and non-surgical clients

Milica McDowell
Cupping for Sport Related Conditions
Milica McDowell, MS, DPT | Click here for information about Milica McDowell
From youth to recreation to the adult weekend warrior, athletes of all levels can benefit from cupping.
  • Evidence-based solutions for how, when and where to apply cups
  • Techniques to ready an athlete's system for activity
  • Interventions to use cups as a recovery tool
  • Specific strategies for various types of sports including: endurance, team and functional sports like CrossFit
  • Immediate application in your practice whether you work with silicone, acrylic or glass cups

Stu Wilson
Good Vibrations! Massage Guns and Vibration Therapy — More Than Just a Massage
Stu Wilson, PT | Click here for information about Stuart Wilson
With the rising popularity of these tools, the why and how of using them remains unclear. What's all the buzz about?
  • Explore the scientific mechanisms and effects of vibration and percussion therapy
  • Application demonstrations for the most common areas and dysfunctions
  • Uncover which types of touch/vibration are best for specific treatment objectives: stability, relaxation, pain control
  • Clear up how to determine time, depth and intensity

Aaron Crouch
Performance Ready Spine
Aaron Crouch, DPT, CSCS, SFG1 | Click here for information about Aaron Crouch
Explore the performance continuum: it's a blueprint to simplify what actually works when rehabbing low back pain.
  • Experience an interactive exercise progression and regression model
  • Uncover a clear decision-making process that leaves no stone unturned
  • Broad applications from geriatric clients that strive to maintain independence to elite athletes attempting to improve performance and reduced injury risk

Elizabeth Frey
The Core: Training from the Inside Out
Elizabeth Frey, FCAMPT, MCISC (MANIP), MSc. PT, MSc, BPHE, BSc, MCPA | Click here for information about Elizabeth Frey
Assessing core function is challenging and sometimes overwhelming, but with these tests and effective strategies — you'll go back to the clinic feeling confident and have a clear direction as you uncover:
  • How the core muscles function and why dysfunction is so common
  • Targeted techniques for LBP, poor posture, snapping hip and urinary incontinence
  • Proven progressive strategies that retrain core function

Jennifer Dieter
Shoulder Pain in the Overhead Athlete
Jennifer Dieter, MPT | Click here for information about Jennifer Dieter
Restore overhead movement and skill without pain & more quickly than ever before to get your athletes back to the game!
  • Uncover specific stabilization and mobilization exercises and techniques
  • Practical solutions that lead to less time in rehab, quicker return to sport, and a solid program for the athlete to take ownership of injury prevention

Milica McDowell
Paul Herberger
Not Your Grandma's Mobility Class: The New Frontier of Foam Rollers and Mobility Tools
Milica McDowell, MS, DPT, and Paul Herberger, BS, CPT CF-2
Click here for information about Milica McDowell | Click here for information about Paul Herberger
Updates on science and technique will be presented, reminding you just how awesome a tool a foam roller, ball or stick can be.
  • Explore an updated framework for determining why, how, when and where to roll
  • Broad concepts and skills to apply mobility techniques in the clinic, on the field or on the road
  • Discover new and novel techniques to implement with classic mobility tools
  • Re-invigorate your passion for recommending this quick, safe and affordable tool to your patients and clients, providing you more ways to connect with your athletes and patients

Tony Mikla
Strength Training for Runners - Design Programs your Patients Will Actually Do!
Tony Mikla, DPT, CSCS, XPS | Click here for information about Tony Mikla
Runners only want to run, but with this framework, you can tap into their goals and tie in programming that will reduce the risk of all of the common overuse issues in this population:
  • Develop well rounded strength routines that are easy, adaptable and help reduce injuries
  • Solutions for: shin splints, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon issues, ITB pain
  • Create straightforward, efficient and practical exercises that fit into THEIR values and needs
Foundations of Linear Speed: Why Everyone Should Run
Tony Mikla, DPT, CSCS, XPS | Click here for information about Tony Mikla
Linear speed drives all the movements and behaviors we coach everyday: gait, balance, lunge, step up, stairs, and of course running.
  • Glean critical insights for all of the patients you treat as you break down the mechanics, needs for mobility vs. stability, and patterns of sprinting
  • Establish a map of exercise progressions that go from a basic state of movement through advanced
  • Specific clinical drills you can implement right away that provide movement improvement and a long-lasting impact
Patella Femoral Pain. Problem Solved
Tony Mikla, DPT, CSCS, XPS | Click here for information about Tony Mikla
Difficult to treat and often misdiagnosed. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to the condition and a litany of unproven strategies to address it.
  • Gain clarity on how to narrow in on the true limiting factors
  • Align specific interventions in clinic
  • Better understand how to predict healing time

Kristina Campione
Systemic Inflammation: A Musculoskeletal Dilemma?
Kristina Campione, DC, MS | Click here for information about Kristina Campione
Throwing all your best movement mojo at a patient and still striking out? Getting results but the issue keeps coming back? Let's break down how your patient's systemic inflammation may be diminishing your clinical MSK outcomes. We'll explore the connection between the gut and the brain and how that influences pain perception, tissue healing and movement. Get your patient to respond better to MSK care with this systemic approach that presents practical and actionable screening and intervention.

Elizabeth Frey
Breathing for Performance
Elizabeth Frey, FCAMPT, MCISC (MANIP), MSc. PT, MSc, BPHE, BSc, MCPA | Click here for information about Elizabeth Frey
Help your patients restore optimal breathing, stay injury free and ultimately perform better with:
  • Targeted interventions for LBP, tight hip flexors, neck tension and pelvic floor dysfunction
  • New and innovative treatment techniques including manual therapy, cups, kinesiology tape, floss bands, foam rollers and vibration tools
  • Experiential labs to guide you through the key exercises that lock in changes long term

Reid Nelles
Practical Screening and Assessment Strategies for the Hip
Reid Nelles, DC | Click here for information about Reid Nelles
Whether you're a new grad or you've been working the clinic for decades — the hip and its relationship with the pelvic complex can be, well, complex! Within this course, we discuss clinically practical screening and assessment strategies for the hip. These findings and information you collect from the assessment are critical in setting the tone for your treatment strategies or interventions. With an accurate and thorough assessment, you will no longer have to wonder what the next treatment step is.
Addressing Athletic Hip Mobility & Stability
Reid Nelles, DC | Click here for information about Reid Nelles
Deciding which modality or exercise to utilize can be overwhelming because the hip houses some of our strongest and most powerful muscles yet needs to be one of the most mobile joints in the body — all at the same time!
  • Demonstrations that show how to address the most common dysfunctions of the hip
  • Progressive and regressive strategies for treating pain, mobility, stability, and motor control
  • Resolve hip pain with all of today's best treatments including cupping, compression floss, kinesiology tape and corrective exercise strategies

Danny Porcelli
Training Balance: From Basic to Boundless
Danny Porcelli, DC | Click here for information about Danny Porcelli
Balance is arguably the most needed but least trained sense we have. Learn how multiple inputs come together to create our sense of balance and that our eyes, ears and soft tissues all play a role in influencing this system. From no tech to high tech, you'll learn how to evaluate your client's balance and create measurable improvement simply, safely and effectively.

Stu Wilson
Prehab instead of Rehab! Reducing Running Injuries by Being Proactive
Stu Wilson, PT | Click here for information about Stuart Wilson
Advance your treatment options for runners with effective prehab techniques that reduce injuries and keep runners doing what they love. With the perfect combination of mobility, stability, and other important “movement habits”, you'll gain effective skills that you can implement in clinic right away. Discover techniques for common injuries such as runner's knee, ITB syndrome, Achille's tendinopathy, planter fasciitis, and more.
Rehabilitation and Sports Performance Intensive Online Training
Earn up to 32 CE hours all for one low price!
Valued at $1,919.84 — Yours Today for Only $399.99!
Start to finish, it's almost 33 hours of content — but each module is 2 hours. (We kept busy professionals in mind!) You can take as long as you need to watch each module. The course is designed to be completed at a pace that works best for you, so you can earn credit hours as you go!
We found other trainings to be somewhat bland and not always actionable. So we made this! It's evidence-informed, to-the-point, and packed with gameplans you can (and will) use every single day.
If this doesn't change the way you practice, reach out to us and let us know. We'll refund your order in full. (Yes, we believe in the course THAT much.)
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Register for this intensive training course without risk. If you're not completely satisfied, give us a call at 800-844-8260.

We’re that confident you'll find this learning experience to be all that's promised and more than you expected.
Rehabilitation and Sports Performance Intensive Online Training
Earn up to 32 CE hours all for one low price!
Valued at $1,919.84 — Yours Today for Only $399.99!

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