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A Comprehensive Evidence-Based Overview of COVID-19 Designed for Rehab Clinicians
Get a Holistic ‘Whole Body’ Approach to Treatment Today!

As clinicians, we hear too many conflicting responses to important questions about SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) that are profoundly impacting patients’ quality of life and their independence.

Questions that you deal with everyday about ‘Long COVID' and how it impacts nearly every system of the human body, such as...

  • How hard should you push symptomatic patients?
  • How can you quickly modify your plan of care for comorbidities or complex symptoms for patients who have – or had – COVID-19?
  • How do you treat functional limitations stemming from COVID-19?

Get straightforward, lasting solutions you need now to these questions and more by two global rehab leaders who’ve trained thousands of PT, OT and other rehab professionals like you for over three decades.

You’ll get practical, evidence-based strategies to meet the unique needs of your patients – in any setting or stage of their development – whether you’re in acute care, rehab or outpatient so you can quickly develop individualized, holistic and whole body treatment plans that include…

Brain Fog
Neurologic Considerations
Respiratory Limitations
Strength Defects

THAT’S NOT ALL – sign up today and get TWO FREE bonus modules (including 4 CE hours!) on ways you can protect patients from increased fall risk after having COVID and strategies to decrease stress, increase resiliency, and develop a healthy life-work balance to avoid burnout!

COVID Long Haulers Training: Solutions for Rehab Professionals

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Take a look at what your colleagues have to say about this eye-opening training:
"What a great class!!! I learned a great deal from both of the ladies. They were also very funny and made me laugh!" — Jane, PT
"Karen is so knowledgeable and is extremely impressive in her ability to share this knowledge! She and Shelly both did a great job presenting this information!" — Missy, OT
"I have come away with many techniques to help myself and clients with Long Haul Covid concerns!" — Annette, OT
"Having two speakers with different areas of practice was a nice way to add valuable input to what we are all seeing in various aspects of our practice." — Melanie, PT
"This was an extremely helpful and informative seminar. As a professional and a long-hauler, I can tell you I learned so much. I appreciate the presenters. I wish I had known some of this before!" — Sara, RN

Long COVID Training: Solutions for Rehab Professionals

A $679.99 Value
Yours for only $299.99 — Incredible Savings!
What You’re About to Learn...

The dynamic rehab duo of Dr. Karen Pryor, PhD, PT, DPT, ND, CH, CFPS, and Shelly Denes, PT, CFPS, C/NDT, CGCP, brings science-based knowledge, unique case studies and step-by-step guidance for extensive clinical application for nearly every setting. They will help you build a solid foundation with clinical pearls from their combined 65+ years of experience.

This comprehensive self-paced, self-study training breaks down what SARS-Co-V2/COVID-19 and ‘Long Covid’ is and how it impacts nearly every system of the human body.

In two easy-to-follow video modules, you’ll learn how to:

  • Perform a thorough evaluation for a patient with respect to Long COVID to identify functional limitations and deficits
  • Conduct a complete neurologic assessment
  • Assess contributions from related organ systems
  • Construct an evidence-based plan of care to address the above findings in addition to considerations with brain fog, fatigue, pain, neuropathy, myalgias and sleep disorders

Best of all – you’ll get two FREE bonus videos added exclusively to this course.

  1. SAR-Co-V2 and COVID-19
    1. SAR-CoV-2 Virus Definition and Details 
    2. COVID-19 Disease and ‘LONG HAULERS’ 
    3. The Huge Impact on the Body’s: 
      1. Autonomic Nervous System 
      2. Sympathetic Nervous System 
      3. The Immune System 
  2. The COVID ‘Long Hauler’ 
    1. Pre-existing diseases and their impact on COVID-19  
      1. Hyperglycemia 
    2. History of Covid Symptoms 
    3. Exposure 
    4. Nutrition? High sugar, salt, things that feed virus 
  3. Pathology of illness and course in hospital  
    1. ICU 
    2. Respirator 
    3. Feeding – IV, Feeding tube 
  4. Comprehensive Evaluation with emphasis on the Neuro Screen 
    1. Neuro 
      1. Damage to CNS 
      2. Damage and Symptoms of ANS 
      3. Homeostasis? 
    2. CNS 
      1. Blood Brain Barrier 
      2. Stroke 
      3. Headaches 
      4. Tremors 
    3. Cranial nerves 
      1. Visual tracking 
      2. Hearing 
      3. Swallowing 
      4. Chewing 
      5. Vagus nerve 
      6. Tremors 
      7. Balance 
      8. Dizziness – Vertigo 
    4. Peripheral nerves 
      1. Numbness – peripheral neuropathy 
      2. Tingling 
      3. Weakness 
    5. Strength 
      1. Functional movements 
      2. Balance – sitting, standing, walking 
      3. Gait disturbances 
      4. Post exertional malaise 
      5. Reaction to heat 
      6. Myalgias 
    6. Pain 
      1. Location 
      2. Central 
      3. Peripheral 
    7. Brain fog 
      1. Extreme fatigue 
      2. Poor focus 
      3. Difficulty reading 
      4. Sleep disturbances 
  5. Related Organ Systems 
    1. Psychology Related 
      1. Depression 
      2. Anxiety & Reducing Stressors 
      3. PTSD 
    2. Respiratory 
      1. Dyspnea 
      2. SOBOE 
      3. Chest pain 
      4. Cough 
      5. ‘Happy Hypoxia’ 
      6. Use of a Pulse Ox 
      7. Proning 
      8. Breath Control / Nasal Breathing 
    3. Cardiac 
      1. Chest Pain 
      2. Myocarditis 
      3. Palpitations 
      4. Evaluating HR (Apple Watch / EKG Monitor) 
    4. Vascular 
      1. The Inflammation Response 
      2. Coagulopathy 
    5. G-I Tract 
      1. Bowel and Bladder Issues 
      2. Sore Throat 
      3. Nausea 
      4. Non-inflammatory Foods 
    6. Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Pancreas 
  6. Persistent Symptoms after the active Covid phase and what can we as health care providers do about it?  
    1. SOBOE 
    2. Nerve Pain 
    3. Myalgias 
    4. Nerve Pain 
    5. Anxiety 
    6. Extreme Fatigue and Post-Exertional Fatigue 
      2. ‘Energy Envelope’ 
    7. Brain Fog 
    8. Sleeping Disorders 
      1. Foundation on the importance of sleep 
      2. Healthy Circadian Rhythms  
      3. Recommendations with COVID-19 ‘Long Haulers’ 
  7. POTS & Dysautonomia in Long Haulers 
    1. What it is  
    2. “Hitting the Wall” 
    3. How to deal with it 
    4. Scenarios for this continuum 
  8.   Bouncing Back from COVID-19 as a ‘Long Hauler’ 
    1. Beginning Phase 
    2. Building Phase 
    3. Being Phase 
    4. Exercise Prescription 
    5. Recovery is slow and variable 
  9. Ramifications of the New Variants 
    1. Delta 
    2. Omicron 
    3. The Future? 
  10. Case Scenarios  
  11. Key Takeaways 
    1. Proning 
    2. Enough Sleep and REST 
    3. Correcting Sleep-Wake Cycles 
    4. Hydration 
    5. Anti-inflammatory Diet 
    6. Lower Anxiety Levels / Mindfulness 
    7. Breath Control / Nasal Breathing / Multi-Dimensional Breathing 
    8. Compression Socks 
    9. Stay on the cool side 
    10. Avoid Fatigue
Register Now and Get Instant, Unlimited Access to TWO FREE Bonus Videos
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Here's what you'll get...

  • Boost your confidence in understanding neurological disease (such as COVID-19) and its progression regarding balance, fatigue, and proprioception
  • Elevate your care – for your patients and yourself – by becoming more resilient amid time constraints and unrealistic caseloads
  • Earn up to 4.0 CE Hours – at no additional cost to you!
Neurological Considerations in Fall Risk
with Michel (Shelly) Denes, PT, CFPS, C/NDT, CGCP | {7202_Michel (Shelly)_DenesWithBio}

Falls are NOT inevitable, even in individuals with neurologic diseases- rehab professionals may have a direct impact on this reality. Michel (Shelly) Denes, PT, CFPS, C/NDT, CGCP, knows early intervention is key to improved outcomes. Together you will investigate new models and the neurobiology of pathological fatigue as it relates to Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

In this bonus module, you’ll expand upon what you’ve learned in the first two modules about the science behind neuroplasticity, proprioception, muscle tone and balance and how it can be analyzed to reduce fall risk.

Mindfulness as Emotional CPR for Clinicians: Increasing Compassion, Peace of Mind, & Resilience
with Clyde Boiston, PT, OCS, CMF, TCHI | Click here for information about Clyde Boiston

Are you experiencing feelings of physical and emotional exhaustion from the caregiving experience? Many become consumed by attending to others while failing to recognize our own needs. Is the experience leaving you feeling less effective as a clinician? Who takes care of the caregiver? All of these concerns can be reversed with mindfulness practices! Mindfulness may serve as an “Emotional CPR” while improving resilience and increasing compassion for our patients.

Engage with Clyde Boiston, PT, OCS, CMF, TCHI, in this bonus session to develop strategies to reduce the likelihood of experiencing professional burnout while learning how to utilize mindfulness to become a happier and more effective healthcare provider.

COVID Long Haulers Training: Solutions for Rehab Professionals A $679.99 Value
Yours for Only $299.99 Today — Incredible Savings!
Earn up to 15.75 CE Hours | Click here for Credit details

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! This comprehensive training was designed for dedicated physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, and other rehab professionals. After this course, you will be able to:

  • Confidently identify what constitutes a COVID-19 ‘Long Hauler’.
  • Assess for symptoms of the immune response in COVID-19 ‘Long Haulers’ and how to address these changes.
  • Differentiate cytokine storms and how it relates to multi-organ failure and coagulation.
  • Appraise, accommodate, and treat rehabilitation challenges such as brain fog with poor memory of home program, tachycardia, POTS, and immune system challenges.
  • Integrate neuroplasticity principles in screening, assessment, and interventions.
  • Develop strategies to balance your professional life, yet enjoy the rewards of your personal life.
  • Appraise anxiety levels and discuss changes in the emotional environment of the COVID-19 patient.

Each module was carefully hand-selected by a panel of experts invested in your success! Click here for course objectives and outline.

Who specifically gets credit, and from where, and on what though? Click here for Credit details.


With over 15 hours of online video training, insightful commentary, interventions and examples, you will have compelling new clinical strategies that you can immediately start applying in your practice! We encourage you to take the time to fully absorb everything. Watch the videos. Read the materials. Get your CE hours!

But, if you review all of the course materials and are still not satisfied, call us at 800-844-8260. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Yes - in fact, you can take this course anytime. Once you register for this self-directed training, the materials are yours to access and review around your own busy schedule.


Your Speakers
Karen Pryor
Karen Pryor, PhD, PT, DPT, ND, CH, CFPS, has a doctorate in physical therapy and has practiced for 40 years in the field. Dr. Pryor is the owner of Health Sphere Wellness Center, an integrative therapy clinic in Nashville, Tennessee. Involved with early intervention in the birth-three population for over 30 years, she has developed neuroplasticity techniques that are used in a wide variety of settings, including homes, childcare centers, and school systems, to advance pediatric therapy programs. Dr. Pryor serves on several boards, including the Leadership Interagency Council for Early Intervention (2014-2019), a position to which she was appointed by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam. In 2010, she received the President's Volunteer Service Award for her contributions to the advanced treatment of children from President Barack Obama. In addition to her work with children, Dr. Pryor has served as an adjunct professor at the Tennessee State University Occupational Therapy School, and in the Volunteer State Community College Physical Therapy Assistant program. She is a clinical instructor for several universities and colleges. With her years of experience and passion for complete wellness, Dr. Pryor advances a more expansive view of how to integrate therapy throughout the lifespan by using neuroplasticity techniques.
Click here for information about Karen Pryor

Shelly Denes
Shelly Denes, PT, CFPS, C/NDT, CGCP, is an expert in fall prevention and neuro-rehab with more than 25 years of experience treating patients with hemiplegia, neuromuscular disorders, TBI, and SCI. She has a special interest in COVID-19 ‘Long Haulers' and advanced technology. She has had extensive involvement with neuroprosthetic devices, lower extremity orthotics, and exoskeletons at the Rehab Institute of Michigan. Ms. Denes presents nationally at seminars on fall prevention and geriatric rehabilitation. Denes is a graduate of University of Michigan's PT program, and holds certifications in Neurodevelopmental Treatment for Adult Hemiplegia (NDT) from The Rehab Institute of Chicago, certification as a Fall Prevention Specialist and is a Geriatric Care Professional through Evergreen Certifications in addition to serving on their advisory board.
{7202_Michel (Shelly)_DenesWithBio}

Clyde Boiston
CLYDE BOISTON, PT, OCS, CMF, TCHI, is a licensed Physical Therapist with over 25 years of clinical experience who has worked in multiple therapy settings including acute care, outpatient orthopedics, and home health. In addition to his continuing clinical work as a PT, he and his wife own and operate Bel Wellness, a mind-body wellness studio in Riverside, CA which offers classes in Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness and meditation. Mr. Boiston is a mindfulness teacher and meditation instructor who presents retreats, workshops, and mindful living classes to both corporate and healthcare employers as well as the general community. His clients include Kaiser Permanente, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, UC Riverside, and the Riverside County Office on Aging. He received his certification as a Mindfulness Facilitator (CMF) from UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) in 2017 after completing their yearlong teacher training program. MARC is part of the UCLA Medical School’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. Mr. Boiston graduated with a BS in PT from California State University Long Beach in 1997 and has been Board Certified as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) since 2004. He is also a certified Tai Chi for Rehabilitation instructor through the Tai Chi for Health Institute.
Click here for information about Clyde Boiston
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COVID Long Haulers Training: Solutions for Rehab Professionals
A $679.99 Value
Yours for Only $299.99 — Incredible Savings!

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