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Sport-specific strategies to keep your runners injury free, strong & doing what they love.

Runners are frequent fliers in the rehab space. Overtraining, suboptimal running gait patterns, no cross training...

But when they come to you for help and hear "you need to stop running," their ears turn off. More often than not, they're going to keep running anyway.

Reframe your approach with this advanced training that covers the pivotal concepts that are essential to working with this (seemingly always) injured population. You'll learn fresh new tactics for developing:

  • Prehab strategies that prevent overuse injuries before they happen
  • BALANCED training programs (with strength training) that your runners will actually do!
  • Speed drills for patients of all ages that amplify performance and function
  • Tailored programs for special populations like postpartum and aging adults
  • Exercise progressions that push performance to the next level & ensure readiness for return to activity

With advanced movement concepts simplified into actionable techniques, you'll learn BROAD applications for a wide range of patients: soccer players, mall walkers, basketball players, weekend warriors... just about anyone who uses their lower extremities.

This is THE ultimate guide to creating injury-free runners and a cash-based revenue stream for your practice.

Develop the Resilient Runner

Help Clients run faster, longer, & injury free

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Sneak Peak of the Course Highlights:

Learn from 9 of the leading voices in the field as they guide you through the most up-to-date interventions you need to help all your clients get back to activities and sports pain-free.

Drawing on the latest research, you'll learn interventions and approaches for a variety of common injuries such as runner's knee, ITB syndrome, Achille's tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and more!

  • Advanced techniques for assessment and treatment for runners & their sport-specific needs
  • How to quickly learn about gait from a "shoe graveyard"
  • In-depth analysis of high-performance movements, helping you decipher where someone has a deficit faster than ever before
  • Functional strategies that integrate the joint-by-joint approach & clarify your treatment plan
  • Proactive strategies that reduce injuries
  • Novel uses for exercise bands, foam rollers, massage balls, and more...


Develop the Resilient Runner

Mobility interventionsStrategies to develop stability and control
Advanced strength & power drills

Valued at $1,379.88
Yours today for only $299.99!
Learn, and get your credit, as you go!

Whether you want to get your training all at one time or incorporate learning into your busy schedule…

You'll get 10 sessions — plus, 3 free bonus sessions if you buy now! — that's 13 total sessions (earn up to 25.25 CE hours!).

Course Outline

Prehab instead of Rehab! Reducing Running Injuries by being Proactive
Stuart Wilson, PT | Click here for information about Stuart Wilson

With the right combination of mobility, stability, and other important "movement habits," you'll gain effective skills that you can implement in the clinic right away. Apply the strategies to common injuries such as runner's knee, ITB syndrome, Achille's tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, and more.
Strength Training for Runners — Design Programs Your Patients Will Actually Do!
Tony Mikla, DPT, CSCS, XPS | Click here for information about Tony Mikla

Create straightforward, efficient, and practical exercises to help your patients develop well-rounded strength with these interventions that are easy, adaptable, and help reduce injuries.
Foundations of Linear Speed
Tony Mikla, DPT, CSCS, XPS | Click here for information about Tony Mikla

Linear speed drives all the movements and behaviors we coach every day: gait, balance, lunge, step up, stairs, and of course, running. When you break down the mechanics, needs for mobility vs. stability, and patterns of sprinting — you can glean critical insights for all of the patients you treat. You'll establish a map of exercise progressions that go from a basic state of movement through advanced with specific clinical drills you can implement right away. This protocol is guaranteed to provide movement improvement with a long-lasting impact.
Truth, Lies, & Running Analysis: How to be the Running Expert in Your Community
Jon Mulholland, DC, CCSP, CSCS | Click here for information about Jon Mulholland

  • Perform a 'low cost' gait analysis
  • How to spot the most common biomechanical errors in runners
  • Achilles' tendonitis
  • Identify the type of foot strike that is increasing the risk of injury

You'll also "bust" some popular running beliefs. What is the optimal foot strike? What about the "minimalist" running movement? How do I choose the best running sneaker for me?
Foot and Ankle: Quickly Identify and Assess Dysfunction &
Foot and Ankle Dysfunction: Eliminate Foot Pain and Unnecessary Procedures

Courtney Conley, DC, founder of Gait Happens with over 145,000 followers on Instagram | Click here for information about Courtney Conley

  • In-depth biomechanical analysis of the foot and ankle anatomy that will enhance your clinical decision making
  • Differential diagnosis for the most prevalent conditions: plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, posterior tibial tendonitis, and ankle sprains — and effective treatment protocols tailored to each pathology
  • How to improve foot function without using an orthotic or brace
  • Long-term effects of chronic ankle instability — and how to address it!

Patella Femoral Pain. Problem Solved
Tony Mikla, DPT, CSCS, XPS | Click here for information about Tony Mikla

Gain clarity on how to narrow in on the true limiting factors and align specific interventions in the clinic. No matter how the patient presents, you can get them back to activities and sports pain-free with this consistent approach.
Knee Secrets: Progressions and Assessments from the Table to the Field
Tony Mikla, DPT, CSCS, XPS | Click here for information about Tony Mikla

  • The full spectrum of knee assessment and intervention for every patient type and ability level
  • A concise framework for every aspect of evaluation: tightness, strength, and tolerance
  • Unique ways to challenge movement — without additional loading!
  • Fill the clinical void that many clinicians overlook — a better appreciation for the importance of training single-leg stance

Running after Pregnancy
Julia Mitchell, PT | Click here for information about Julia Mitchell

Practical postpartum and external pelvic health strategies that can be used by women at ANY stage postpartum, whether they had a baby 6 weeks ago, 6 months ago, or 6 years ago.

  • Determine when to return to running
  • Exercise progressions that increase strength, stability, and mobility
  • Techniques that aid in quickly mitigating poor running mechanics

Runner's Toolkit: Find the Faults and Fix Them Fast
Milica McDowell, MS, DPT | Click here for information about Milica McDowell
Paul Herberger, BS, CPT CF-2 | Click here for information about Paul Herberger

Practical tools to identify the root cause of the running faults, tactics for mobility/stability, and low-cost interventions that get results fast, like kinesiology taping. From 5K newbies to ultra-distance runners, their approach will help improve your confidence and skills when working with these athletes.
BONUS Content
Not Your Grandma's Mobility Class: The New Frontier of Foam Rollers and Mobility Tools

An updated framework and fun approach for determining why, how, when, and where to roll. Re-invigorate your passion for recommending this quick, safe and affordable tool to your patients and clients as you explore broad concepts and skills to apply mobility techniques in the clinic, on the field, or on the road.

Unilateral vs Bilateral Strength Training — Neurological Ramifications & Practical Applications

Modern-day neuroscience has unlocked the potential of unilateral training as an essential component of peak performance for many of today's athletes. Set yourself apart with these neurologic foundations that are underutilized by today's performance professionals.

  • Improve motor strength and transfer by specific targeting neural systems
  • Customize solutions for your programming based on the client's presentation
  • Use strength training as a pain-relief tool
  • Determine exactly when to use what type of contraction — and does it really matter?
  • Improve motor coordination by adding perturbation variables to strength work

BFR for Performance: Advanced Drills for Next Level Treatment
Ed Le Cara, DC, PhD, ATC, CSCS | Click here for information about Edward Le Cara

Learn advanced drills for pushing your clients to the next level with blood flow restriction. Help your clients build strength, hypertrophy and endurance while increasing your opportunities for career advancement and patient referrals.
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Develop the Resilient Runner
Proactive strategies that reduce injuries

Valued at $1,379.88
Yours today for only $299.99!
Earn up to 25.25 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for Credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline

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