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You LOVE helping your patients. But with the decline in reimbursement, lack of work-life balance, and burnout with today's ever-increasing productivity standards, you find yourself wondering what else is out there for a career path… could you do your "own" thing? Or is now the time to explore a non-clinical role?

The reality is most of us aren't quite sure what it takes and have no idea where to even start. You've got clinical skills out the wazoo… but business-specific skills?

ENTER: The Business Bootcamp. This is your blueprint to turn your world-class clinical skills into income!

Created by rehab clinicians, for rehab clinicians, our strategies, game plans, and how-to's are simple, practical, and actionable. This is your one-stop shop to get expert insights on your most pressing questions and concerns:

  • How do I handle budgets?
  • Should I take insurance or go private pay?
  • How do I set fees and get paid what I'm worth?
  • Help! I'm the boss. I'm burnt out and feel like I'm always working!
  • How do I grow and scale my business once it's off the ground?
  • Am I ready to explore a new career path that's not clinical?
  • Should I create a niche practice…and how?
We've helped thousands of clinicians just like you succeed. Whether you want a little cash on the side, to start your own business, or explore alternative career paths, this is for you.

Business Bootcamp:
Rehab "Outside the Box" to Maximize your Income Potential

$359.94 Value
Just $179.97 Today — Unbelievable Savings!
It's time to reimagine what's possible for you as a clinician. This comprehensive business training for rehab professionals will help you:

  • Discover ways to deliver exceptional patient care, without feeling handcuffed by productivity standards
  • Develop sustainable strategies for dealing with the hoops and hassles of insurance
  • Establish boundaries that allow you to have more flexibility and a better work-life balance, including weekends off, REAL lunch breaks, and actually using your PTO
  • Keep patients engaged in therapy and prevent you from feeling drained by those who do not want to participate
  • Determine the right time to move away from the insurance model... or even outside of clinical care
  • Break free from the khakis and polo "uniform"
  • And so much more!!
The opportunities for income outside of "traditional" rehab are HUGE… you need look no further than this event full of insider secrets that will save you countless hours and piles of money.
Just look at what your colleagues have to say about the program.

Five Stars
"Excellent presentation that offered much more relevant, and useful information than many Marketing webinars I've attended. Very grateful thank you!"
— Megan, Physical Therapist
"This was webinar was so informative and inspirational."
— Lauren H, Speech Language Pathologist
Five Stars
Five Stars
"Loved the emphasis on your WHY. Appreciated that you were raw and real and shared failures as well as successes."
— Jolynn, Occupational Therapist
"Excellent information and usefulness, with some exceptional insights on community building, intention, and courses vs individual sessions. Very inspirational. Thank you!"
— Sandra, Psychologist
Five Stars
Business Bootcamp: Rehab "Outside the Box" to Maximize your Income Potential

$359.94 Value
Just $179.97 Today — Unbelievable Savings!

What's Inside

  • Stepping Outside the Box: Turn Your Passion into Your Own Business

    • Make a list of your whys so you can reinvigorate your passion
    • Learn how to capitalize on your history!
    • Passion — the key ingredient to building an authentic brand & story
    • Set a solid foundation for your business and establish your core values
    • Own your space and become an expert in what you do
    • Leverage partnerships to boost your offerings
    • Change is scary and fear is our natural protector… but how can you use it to drive you?
    • Shift your mindset to focus on your DREAMS instead of your fears

  • Five Pillars of Marketing

    • Attract • Nurture • Offer • Serve • Retain
    • Create an attraction strategy as a first step to growing your business
    • Tools to turn your community into paying clients
    • Why you should always give before you ask
    • How to determine your ideal customer avatar — and why that is important
    • Consistency is the key
    • Create something that your ideal customer generally WANTS and NEEDS AND will PAY FOR
    • Simple prompts and activities to propel your first marketing project forward

  • How to Find Your Niche

    • Be driven by your purpose
    • Follow what YOU are interested in — LIVE and BREATHE it
    • Fall in love with the problem you're going to address
    • How to narrow in on your niche without limiting your growth potential
    • FIND your mentors and LEARN from them
    • How to "get social" and build your digital body of work
    • Be ok with failure and bring on the grit

  • Building Your Community

    • How to think BIGGER and use your existing skills in other arenas
    • Use social media to build your community and following
    • Create strong relationships so that you get the right people on board with your mission

  • The Multi-Million Dollar Question...How Much Should You Charge?

    • Spoiler alert — There is no such thing as an absolute right or wrong price.
    • Why being "the cheapest" is often a race to the bottom
    • How to use price anchoring to help customers make decisions
    • Diversify your offers by using the Value Ladder approach
    • Focus on delivering such a phenomenal product that customers always think it's a steal

  • Things I Wish I Knew...

    • The strengths of a team approach. Much more can be accomplished together.
    • If you want to lead, you will need to develop the skill of listening — constantly.
    • The power of purpose-driven work
    • Focus on your value and deliver outcomes
    • Confidence has no competition
    • There is so much potential in the "general wellness" industry
    • Know yourself: relationship to risk, strengths, fears, weakness, traumas, dreams
    • Failed attempts should inform your next efforts
    • The ideas that make it are the people who didn't quit

Business Bootcamp: Rehab "Outside the Box" to Maximize your Income Potential

$359.94 Value
Just $179.97 Today — Unbelievable Savings!

Real tips — Real community — Real clinicians

Shanté Cofield. PT
Shanté Cofield. PT — Business coach, @theMovementMaestro
Shanté Cofield, aka The Movement Maestro, is the founder of The Movement Maestro LLC, a social media-based company that provides both online and in-person education for movement professionals around the world.

Click here for information about Shante Cofield

Alyson Evans. DC — Global medical/fitness company CEO and start up owner, @JoinFringe
Dr. Alyson Evans has dedicated the last 20 years to mashing up her passions for healthcare and education, alongside pursuing her purpose of building and serving a team. Alyson has helped grow multiple businesses, by prioritizing professional education and product innovation.

Click here for information about Alyson Evans
Alyson Evans. DC

Kara Welke. OT
Kara Welke. OT — Therapy business builder, @NextLevelOT
Kara Welke has extensive experience working with patients of all ages in various settings. She founded a Mobile Hybrid Practice that provides client-centered, evidence-based care to help seniors age in place. Kara also created the Next Level Occupational Therapy Facebook group and the Therapy Business Builder program to help other therapists start their own businesses.

Click here for information about Kara Welke

Sue Doyle. PhD — Aging in place expert, @OTLifestyleSolutions
Sue Doyle is an experienced occupational therapist with over 11 years of teaching and several published works. She runs a private practice serving adults in their homes, focusing on stroke survivors, aging in place, home safety, and contracts with the Developmental Disability Administration and Area Agency on Aging.

Sue Doyle. PhD

Cara Koscinski.  OT
Cara Koscinski. OT — Online business aficionado, @thePocketOT
Cara Kosinski is dedicated to evidence-based treatment for children in occupational therapy, drawing on their strengths to reach goals faster. With personal experience raising autistic and medically complex sons, she couldn't find a therapy center offering quality care for autism and sensory processing disorder, plus parent coaching, so she started her own. She now teaches pediatric programs and creates materials for OTs and caregivers.

Click here for information about Cara Koscinski

Christa Gurka. PT — 7 figure Pilates + Physical Therapy Business Owner, @ChristaGurka
Christa Gurka is an orthopedic physical therapist specializing in Pilates-based fitness, rehabilitation, and injury prevention, she is highly respected and recognized among the Pilates and physical therapy communities. She's also a business mentor and coach, who is transforming the boutique fitness and wellness industry, one female business owner at a time.

Click here for information about Christa Gurka
Courtney Conley. DC

Courtney Conley. DC
Courtney Conley. DC — Social media guru, @GaitHappens
Dr. Courtney Conley is the founder and creator of Gait Happens, and is the owner and operator of Total Health Solutions clinic and Total Health Performance gym in Lakewood, CO. She—s a renowned foot and gait specialist who teaches both nationally and internationally, helping people resolve foot problems to move more easily and with less pain.

Click here for information about Courtney Conley
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We’re that confident you'll find this business bootcamp course to be all that's promised and more than you expected.
Business Bootcamp:
Rehab "Outside the Box" to Maximize your Income Potential

$359.94 Value
Just $179.97 Today — Unbelievable Savings!

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