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A woman’s body is constantly changing - menstrual cycles, pregnancy, birth control, menopause; her health is ever-evolving.

Even common conditions can present differently in women, and for years, the unique needs of female patients have been overlooked.

But with new research, there are easy steps you can take to tailor your treatments and improve the health of the women you treat throughout their lifetimes.

We brought together a panel of 12 trailblazing professionals, who are leading the charge in health, fitness, and rehabilitation, to share with you cutting-edge strategies to help your female patients move better and function more efficiently so they can finally feel their best at any age.

No matter your specialty, we've got something for your female patients!

Pelvic Floor Health | Peri/menopause | Prenatal/pregnancy | Gut Health | Weight Gain | Breast Cancer | Cardiac Health | Healthy Aging | And So Much More…

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Dr. Hill was well prepared and delivered incredibly helpful and practical information that I can immediately apply to patient care and my own exercise program!
- Rebecca D., PT

"I loved this course! Well presented, informative, and I appreciated all the photos for exercises. One of my favorites."
- Lisa K., OT

This is the best PESI course I have taken. Very current, specific content for treatment, dx, caring for pts. And a fun presentation style.
- Paula S., PT

Excellent real-world tips and advice to make clients as comfortable as possible and open lines of and for communication.
- Jessica C., Teacher

This was very easy to follow, engaging, a great mix of information and visuals, and videos.
- Joan O., PTA

Shante Cofield is an excellent speaker. She gave some very practical ways for achieving personal goals.
- Kathleen Z., SLP

This training was very inspiring and provided me with a new outlook on certain situations and circumstances in my own professional career.
- Kelly P., PT

Betsy Shandalov introduced a topic that was important to consider for a population that has high stress.
- Stephanie H., PT
The #1 Recommended Women’s Health CEU Course by Rehab Professionals

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Part One - External Pelvic Health Techniques
Pelvic Floor Function
Aimee Bailey, PT, DPT, RYT-200hour | Click here for information about Aimee Bailey
Pelvic floor issues are more common than you realize, and for many patients talking about their pain is embarrassing. Like most clinicians, are you uncomfortable addressing anatomical or muscular issues around pelvic floor dysfunction? In this module, Aimee will give you strategies to confidently identify exercises to expertly treat pelvic floor issues such as urinary frequency, incontinence and more.
Pelvic Changes Associated with Pregnancy & Menopause: Practical Management Techniques
Elizabeth Frey, FCAMPT, MCISC (MANIP), MSc. PT, MSc, BPHE, BSc, MCPA | Click here for information about Elizabeth Frey
With over a decade of experience in pelvic floor therapy, Liz unpacks the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and menopause and shines a light on their impacts on the pelvis. Filled with evidence-informed techniques you can use to optimize function, you’ll get answers to:
  • How to connect with the diaphragm and pelvic floor to target incontinence, prolapse, and dyspareunia
  • Exercise interventions to maximize strength and mobility
Bridging the Gap between Yoga and Pelvic Health
Aimee Bailey, PT, DPT, RYT-200hour | Click here for information about Aimee Bailey
As a physical therapist focused on Women’s Health and Pelvic Health for nearly 20 years, Aimee provides you with a the step-by-step guide to incorporating yoga into your clinical practice. She’ll lead you through each pose so that you can perfect the proper alignment and safely transition from one pose to another. Get proven methods and strategies that will help you confidently address incontinence, reduce your patient’s pelvic pain, and decrease stress.
Part Two – Supporting Healthy Pregnancies & Recoveries
The Ultimate Prenatal Exercise Workshop
Jennifer Dieter, MPT | Click here for information about Jennifer Dieter
Jennifer – mother of 3 and 7-time CrossFit Games athlete - gives you evidence-based prenatal exercise recommendations you can use in your practice immediately! Discover interventions to greatly reduce low back pain, plus specific stabilizing and pelvic floor exercises that lead to significant improvements in overall outcomes: lower incidences of gestational diabetes, preterm birth and cesarean delivery, just to name a few.
Running After Pregnancy: The 4th Trimester and Beyond: Evaluate and Address Postpartum Symptoms
Julia Mitchell, PT | Click here for information about Julia Mitchell
Many of your female patients have the goal to return to running after pregnancy and Julia has go-to, practical postpartum and external pelvic health strategies that will help you address these issues with confidence - whether your patient had a baby 6 weeks ago, 6 months ago, or 6 years ago! You’ll learn an evidence-based approach to:
  • Determine when to return to running
  • Exercise progressions that increase strength, stability, and mobility
  • Techniques that aid in quickly mitigating poor running mechanics
Part Three – Recognizing Hormonal Changes & Imbalances
Master Thyroid Function with Nutrition and Lifestyle Optimization
Cindi Lockhart, RDN, LD, IFNCP | Click here for information about Cindi Lockhart
Women are up to 800% more likely to have thyroid dysfunction — yet most still go undiagnosed! Fatigue, weight gain, constipation, and depression… these are among a few symptoms of a thyroid that is not functioning optimally. Watch Cindi as she lays out evidence-based solutions, with applicable case studies, for questions you need to address now:
  • Why doesn’t the basic lab panel uncover thyroid dysfunction?
  • Are there streamlined strategies to optimize thyroid function more holistically?
  • What are the targeted and specific ways to identify and address thyroid disruptors?
Estrogen Dominance: Symptoms, Causes, & Holistic Resolutions to the Ever-Common State of Estrogen Overload
Cindi Lockhart, RDN, LD, IFNCP | Click here for information about Cindi Lockhart
Integrative and functional nutritionist Cindi Lockhart brings over 30 years of experience in women’s health issues assisting patients who experience an imbalance in their estrogen and progesterone levels. In this module, Cindi provides you with the tools to identify underlying root causes of hormone disruption, debilitating symptoms, and chronic health conditions. You’ll learn:
  • How to keep the intricately connected hormone system balanced
  • Potential implications for breast cancer, fertility, endometriosis, fibroids, and ovarian cysts
A Movement Pro’s Guide to Menopause: Training Strategies for Optimal Aging
Jessica Hill, PT, DPT, MSPT, CSCS | Click here for information about Jessica Hill
In this module, Jessica explores the physiological changes that occur during menopause and how these changes can impact both our physical performance and overall health. You’ll get the targeted interventions that directly address the key musculoskeletal changes that typically accompany menopause: increased visceral fat and decreased bone mineral density, muscle mass, and strength.
Part Four - Optimal Aging Strategies for Women
Peri/Menopause: Empow(her)ing the Busy Woman
Aimee Bailey, PT, DPT, RYT-200hour | Click here for information about Aimee Bailey
Help all women age with confidence! Aimee walks you through empowering your patients managing peri/menopause symptoms. This module pinpoints the differences between perimenopause and menopause, what symptoms to look for, how to treat this client population, and how to promote health and healthy habits. Get invaluable case studies and powerful tactics that address bone health, heart health, strength, libido, and more!
Strengthening the Immune System and Alleviating Pain with Ayurveda and Yoga: Self Care for the Practitioner and Patient
Betsy Shandalov, OTR /L, C-IAYT, AWC | Click here for information about Betsy Shandalov
On her mission to empower clients to prevent injury, Betsy Shandalov, an Occupational Therapist, certified yoga therapist, Reiki practitioner, and Ayurvedic wellness coach, gives you her tried and true techniques using integrative medicine to heal trauma. With a focus on the latest research, discover:
  • Hands-on treatment modalities to help patients manage physical pain, maximize health, and increase longevity
  • The science of Ayurveda—including diet, lifestyle, breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga
  • Techniques for building the immune system to bring balance back to mind and spirit
Part Five – Reducing Risks as Women Age
Comprehensive Management of Breast Cancer
Minnie Jan, PT, DPT | Click here for information about Minnie Jan
As a pivotal player in the healthcare team, you can improve function, quality of life and optimize breast cancer recovery. Cancer rehabilitation services are greatly underutilized, and you can make a positive impact on the lives of these women with the help of oncologic physical therapist Minnie Jan. You’ll learn:
  • Evidence-based treatment techniques that mitigate side effects of cancer treatment
  • Red flags to watch out for and appropriate referral guidelines
Conscious Cancer Care: Integrative Rehabilitation, Pre-Op and Post-Op Advanced Healing
Karen Pryor, PhD, PT, DPT, CH, CFPS | Click here for information about Karen Pryor
Karen Pryor’s own journey with bilateral mastectomy brought her face to face with an outdated system of protocols that warrant revision. Through humor and deep respect, she’ll show you ways to reduce your patients’ anxiety and direct self-care for improved and personalized functional outcomes. You’ll learn:
  • Pre-op and Post-op gentle treatment practices that support recovery and healing.
  • Scar tissue mobilization techniques to reduce fear avoidance behavior and pain.
  • Home programs utilizing integrative knowledge of nutrition, mindfulness, and hydration.
Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias in Women: The Latest in Prevention, Intervention and Compassionate Care
Sherrie All, PhD | Click here for information about Sherrie All
Dementia is one of the fastest growing women’s issues in the world. In this critical session, Dr. All will bring you up to date on the latest research surrounding dementia in women, PLUS give you tools and interventions you can use to prevent and reduce difficult behaviors and improve your ability to communicate effectively with cognitively impaired patients.
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Heart Disease in Women: Lifesaving Insights from a Cardiac Clinician
Cheryl Herrmann, RN, MS, APRN, CCRN, CCNS-CSC/CMC | Click here for information about Cheryl Herrmann
Heart Disease is the #1 killer of women and yet studies show that women do not receive the same cardiac care as men. Their pain is often dismissed or downplayed by doctors and they are often just sent to a psychiatrist for anxiety instead. From a premiere nursing clinician, get a comprehensive yet easy-to-digest rundown between a male and female heart and its impact on symptoms.
Covid Brain: Using Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine to Increase Brain Neuroplasticity for Treatment and Prevention for Adults and Pediatric Patients Betsy Shandalov, OTR /L, C-IAYT, AWC | Click here for information about Betsy Shandalov
Using hands-on practical movement applications and integrative medicine, you’ll learn interventions to improve the nervous system, gland, and kidney function. Betsy will explain how integrative medicine treatments like Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and breathwork can not only encourage brain neuroplasticity for the general population, but also for clients who have recovered from COVID-19 infection.
More YOU: The Power of Passion
Shante Cofield, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF-L1 | Click here for information about Shante Cofield
As a busy healthcare professional, it’s easy to forget the magic that you bring to the table every day: giving your all, always listening, and invariably putting the patient's needs first. Shante shows you easy ways to create a the window of opportunity to emphasize your skillset and develop opportunities that align with your passion. Whether it's improving patient buy-in, treating pain, or getting a new job, learn why more you is the mojo!
Women’s Health Certification

A $1,369.83 Value
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Earn up to 26.0 CE Hours at no additional cost to you!
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Meet the Course Experts
Aimee M. Bailey, PT, DPT, RYT-200hour
Aimee M. Bailey, PT, DPT, RYT-200hour, has 17 years of experience in a variety of settings, but with a focus in Women’s Health/Pelvic Health Physical Therapy. Aimee has advanced training in assessment and treatment of the pelvic floor, pelvic pain, and orthopedic assessment of the pelvic floor through the APTA and Herman Wallace. She is a member of Global Pelvic Health Alliance (GPHAM) and the Pelvic Health Section of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). She has been a certified Clinical Instructor through APTA since 2011, training students for the last 8 years in her passion for women’s health.

Elizabeth Frey, FCAMPT, MCISC (MANIP), MSc. PT, MSc, BPHE, BSc, MCPA, is a clinic owner and practicing physiotherapist with a specialty in pelvic health physiotherapy. She integrates her over 10 years of clinical expertise to provide a unique whole-body approach to wellness. Liz’s practice focuses on helping women navigate pregnancy, menopause and everything in between. Her care model addresses the underlying dysfunction causing injury and provides education to help prevent future re-injury.
Elizabeth Frey, FCAMPT, MCISC (MANIP), MSc. PT, MSc, BPHE, BSc, MCPA

Jennifer Dieter, MPT
Jennifer Dieter, MPT, is a physical therapist with 22 years of experience and the manager of 9 clinics for Select Physical Therapy. She has achieved success in the treatment of cervical and lumbar spine, surgical and non-surgical orthopedic injuries, sports medicine, back pain during pregnancy and women’s health patients with her manual therapy skills and functional treatment philosophies.

Julia Mitchell, PT, is a Canadian Physiotherapist and RockTape Instructor, with a passion for supporting women during pregnancy and postpartum. She is the founder of Mom on the Run Productions, Inc., and has created a course on External Pelvic Health Therapy with her colleague Liz Frey, FCAMPT, MCISC (MANIP), MSC, BSC, BPHE. Julia is an avid runner, and Mom to a funny and busy toddler.
Julia Mitchell, PT

Cindi Lockhart, RDN, LD, IFNCP
Cindi Lockhart, RDN, LD, IFNCP, is board-certified as an integrative and functional nutrition practitioner with over 30 years in professional practice. She has extensive expertise in women’s health issues including hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, and autoimmunity as well as gut health, weight management, histamine intolerance, and immune health.

Jessica Hill, PT, DPT, MSPT, CSCS, is a Physical Therapist, founder of movement solutions company Movement Matters LLC in VT, and instructor for RockTape USA. She has over 18 years of clinical experience in general orthopedics, sports medicine, industrial rehab, pre-post surgical care, performance enhancement, personal training, and injury prevention.
Jessica Hill, PT, DPT, MSPT, CSCS

Betsy Shandalov, OTR/L, C-IAYT AWC
Betsy Shandalov, OTR/L, C-IAYT, AWC, is a holistic Occupational Therapist and has worked as a clinician, educator and supervisor in rehabilitation, community re-entry and the school setting. Betsy teaches clients to empower themselves to prevent injury, heal an existing injury and help with pain management and trauma throughout the lifespan. She works with individuals and families helping to find balance in their minds and bodies by using Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, and Mindfulness for healing.

Minnie Jan, PT, DPT, is a physical therapist based in Los Angeles, CA, specializing in oncologic physical therapy since 2016. She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from New York University, and completed an oncology residency at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Currently, she is an Instructor of Clinical Physical Therapy at University of Southern California, where she continues to treat in the clinic, as well as teach special topics related to cancer and lymphedema management.
Minnie Jan, PT, DPT

Karen Pryor, PhD, PT, DPT, CH, CFPS
Karen Pryor, PhD, PT, DPT, CH, CFPS, has a doctorate in physical therapy and has practiced for 40 years in the field. Involved with early intervention in the birth-three population for over 30 years, she has developed neuroplasticity techniques that are used in a wide variety of settings, including homes, childcare centers, and school systems, to advanced pediatric therapy programs.

Sherrie All, PhD, is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist who has specialized in treating people with dementia, Parkinson's disease, TBI, MS, and other neurological disorders for over a decade. Dr. All is the founder and director of the Chicago Center for Cognitive Wellness, a private neuropsychology practice specializing in cognitive rehabilitation and brain health. The evidence-based cognitive rehabilitation interventions she uses have helped hundreds of adults experiencing cognitive declines improve their thinking skills, expand their functional independence, and enhance their brain health.
Sherrie All, PhD

Cheryl Herrmann, RN, MS, APRN, CCRN, CCNS-CSC/CMC
Cheryl Herrmann, RN, MS, APRN, CCRN, CCNS-CSC/CMC, has 35+ years of nursing experience-15 years as a bedside nurse in SICU, Neuro ICU, and CVICU, and 20 years as a cardiac clinical nurse specialist. She has a passion for cardiac nursing and is an advocate for heart health. Cheryl is a reviewer for a critical care textbook as well as several nursing journals, one of which, Critical Care Clinics, recently published her article "A Woman's Heart is Different."

Shanté Cofield, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF-L1, physical therapist turned entrepreneur, aka The Movement Maestro, is the founder of The Movement Maestro LLC, a social media-based company that provides both online and in-person education for movement professionals around the world.
Shanté Cofield, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF-L1


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