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When a problem in one area, like the thoracic spine, manifests as pain or dysfunction elsewhere, effective diagnosis and treatment is a challenge. This complexity is compounded when symptoms are treated in isolation, overlooking how interconnected the body's systems areā€¦

Recognizing the principles of regional interdependence of the spine puts you a step ahead in diagnosing and treating complex cases. This comprehensive training empowers you to accurately identify the root of pain and see the bigger picture, enhancing your existing methods to achieve even better patient outcomes.

Meticulously designed to blend cutting-edge research with practical, hands-on techniques, you'll learn how to:

  • Restore functional strength more quickly and get patients back to their daily activities with confidence
  • Integrate multimodal treatment strategies effectively: myofascial release, manual therapy, postural restoration, therapeutic exercise, and more!
  • Incorporate kinesiology taping and other supportive modalities to extend the benefits of your treatment beyond the clinic
  • Expertly tailor rehabilitation exercises and interventions across diverse patient demographics: from athletes to geriatrics
  • Discover the power of breath in enhancing mindset, memory, and movement, and integrate these techniques into your practice
  • Embrace a biopsychosocial model for a more comprehensive understanding and management of back pain

Mastering these skills not only broadens your treatment repertoire but also potentially expands your client base and increases your earnings. Whether you're refining current skills or expanding your clinical capabilities, this program provides the essential knowledge and tools to achieve superior patient outcomes.

The Complete Spine

Integrating Biomechanics, Regional Interdependence,
Functional Rehabilitation, and Performance Enhancement

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Thoracic Spine and Regional Interdependence to Advance Outcomes

  • Gain insights into how thoracic spine mechanics influence neck, shoulder, and hip function
  • Quickly identify biomechanical deficits and their systemic impacts with global assessment techniques
  • Integrate multimodal techniques like myofascial release and kinesiology taping to enhance thoracic mobility and posture
  • Explore the regional interdependence model for more effective evaluations and treatments
  • Practical application for a wide range of conditions, from upper extremity dysfunctions to lower back pain

Orthopedic Manual Therapy For The Lumbar Spine

  • Streamlined techniques to assess lumbar spine impairments
  • Learn hands-on skills for tissue mobilization and pain relief
  • Tailor interventions for various low back pain presentations
  • Incorporate Clinical Practice Guidelines CPGs for informed decision-making and reimbursement
  • Master effective manual therapy techniques for lumbar spine mobility

Performance Ready Spine

  • Tailor spine rehab exercises for various patient populations with exercise progression and regression models
  • Enhance your clinical decision-making in spine rehab & choose the most effective treatment strategies
  • Explore the role of the spine in overall body mechanics and performance
  • Comprehensive Evaluation Techniques: Master movement screens and directional bias assessments
  • Integrate strength and mobility work to balance core function with overall spinal movement and strength

Treating Geriatric Low Back Pain

  • Develop strategies for common conditions like osteoporosis and stenosis
  • Learn to apply functional outcome measures ideal for the geriatric population
  • Acquire skills to distinguish and treat various ambulation-affecting disorders
  • Understand the post-surgical treatment implications of various lumbar spine surgeries
  • Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Approaches: Explore the roles of different healthcare professionals in managing geriatric low back pain

Intervention Strategies for Neck Pain: Optimizing Patient Care & Functional Outcomes

  • Comprehensive evaluation strategies for a thorough neck pain assessment
  • Diagnostic Category-Based Treatment: Customize treatments based on specific neck pain diagnoses
  • Evidence-based manual therapy techniques and interventions for conditions like cervicalgia and cervicocranial syndrome
  • Understand critical considerations for acute vs. chronic neck pain management
  • Utilize clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) to enhance treatment efficacy and documentation

Low Back Pain: Understanding Context, Sharing Decisions, and Enhancing Function

  • Implement a holistic approach using the biopsychosocial model to understand and manage low back pain
  • Reframe the pain experience and manage misinformation via graded exposure techniques
  • Engage patients in their care plan for improved outcomes
  • Tailor interventions to meet individual patient goals and abilities with progression and regression strategies
  • Incorporate mind-body practice techniques like breathwork to enhance functional outcomes

Preventing Sacroiliac Joint Pain: It's All About the Hips

  • Explore the systemic approach to addressing sacroiliac joint pain: the joint-by-joint approach
  • Learn drills for hip mobility that can alleviate SI joint pain
  • Master exercises for core strengthening to enhance SIJ stability
  • Identify and address motor control issues affecting the SI joint
  • Develop strategies to educate patients on movement therapies to reduce low back pain risk
The Complete Spine
Integrating Biomechanics, Regional Interdependence,
Functional Rehabilitation, and Performance Enhancement

Valued at $1,499.91Yours Today for Just $399.99!
Earn up to 28.75 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
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Why Choose this Course?

  • Tap into a wealth of knowledge from experts across physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and athletic training, providing a well-rounded perspective on spinal health
  • Practical trainings that equip you with immediate, actionable skills, ensuring you can apply what you learn right away in your practice
  • Stay ahead of the curve with the latest advances in spine health, from novel manual therapies to innovative pain management strategies
  • Choose from a variety of modules tailored to specific spinal issues and patient demographics, allowing for personalized professional development that fits your clinical focus
  • Earn up to 28.75 CE hours for one low price!

Real People, Real Results
"The course was well presented, organized, clinically relevant. The material reinforced many concepts important in managing LBP patients."
— Richard N, PT
"A lot of useful information for treating the most common of all outpatient diagnoses."
— Jerry T, PT
"Great use of videos, thorough, integrative. Definitely an example of a course with info that can be readily utilized in practice the next day."
— Ericka G, DC
The Complete Spine
Integrating Biomechanics, Regional Interdependence,
Functional Rehabilitation, and Performance Enhancement

Valued at $1,499.91
Register Today for Just $399.99!
Earn up to 28.75 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for Credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline
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The Ins and Outs of Breath: Unlock the Potential to Enhance Mindset, Memory, and Movement
Joseph LaVacca, PT, DPT, OCS

  • Explore the relationship between the diaphragm and core stability, and how breathing influences overall health
  • Learn to assess breathing patterns, distinguishing between diaphragmatic and apical, conscious and unconscious breathing
  • Experience techniques like box breathing and Wim Hof breathing to decrease anxiety, and improve heart rate, blood pressure, mental health, and cognitive function
  • Apply practical tools and exercises in your practice to boost outcomes in pain management, mental health, and physical performance
  • Turn conscious breathing techniques into everyday habits for long-term health and wellbeing benefits

Red Light Therapy for Pain and Inflammation
Mike Stella, AT | Alyson Evans, DC

Red light therapy is growing in popularity — and it's no wonder why. With proven applications for pain, inflammation, and healing, you easily can layer this therapy with your existing treatment! The results from this simple and cost-effective treatment are unparalleled. You get all the benefits of light, without the risks of UV light. Learn how red-light therapy has helped thousands of clinicians get better outcomes as you impact tissues at a deeper level than traditional approaches! Plus, get access to exclusive discounts on a red light therapy wrap or panel for your clinic!
FRANK LAYMAN, PT, DPT, EDD, MTC, has been a specialist in the field of orthopedics and sports medicine for nearly three decades. He has a vast amount of experience treating patients and athletes of all age groups and activity levels. Dr. Layman graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training from Radford University, earned his Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Old Dominion University, and has an EdD from the University of Virginia in Curriculum and Instruction, with concentrations areas in Administration and Sports Medicine. He received a transitional DPT from the University of St. Augustine, where he obtained his Manual Therapy Certification. He also holds a certification in Dry Needling.

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THERESA SCHMIDT, PT, DPT, MS, OCS, LMT, CEAS, is an orthopedic physical therapy specialist and massage therapist integrating traditional and alternative medicine with an emphasis on manual therapy, precision exercise, wellness, Reiki, hypnosis, and mindfulness. She presented for NASA/Inomedic, Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, Vanderbilt Med, Wake Med, and professional associations. She received her doctorate at UNE and served as faculty at Touro PT Programs and CUNY Queens Colleges in NY. She is a published author, Expert Consultant, Reiki Master Instructor, and hypnotherapist in private practice at EduciseĀ® in New Hampshire.

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AARON CROUCH, DPT, CSCS, SFG1, is a physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist. As a former NCAA Division I baseball player and high school baseball coach, he understands the value of achieving and maintaining an active lifestyle for his clients.

In addition to receiving his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Sacramento State, he has expanded experience in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment Level 1 course, the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) Injuries in Baseball course, and the 1st Annual SF Giants Sports Medicine Conference.

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JAMIE MINER, PT, DPT, GCS, provides specialized services to many skilled nursing facilities and earned geriatric clinical specialist designation through the American Physical Therapy Association. She has experience in home health, acute care, outpatient vestibular rehab and fall prevention, acute rehab, sub-acute rehab, and long-term care. Additionally, she serves as a clinical instructor to many doctoral physical therapy students. Jamie graduated with a BS degree in PT from UNC-Chapel Hill, and a DPT from Shenandoah University in March 2003.

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JOE LAVACCA, PT, DPT, OCS, has been practicing physical therapy in New York City since 2010. He is the owner and founder of Strength in Motion Physical Therapy, where his passion lies in helping individuals with chronic pain rediscover themselves and their joy in both movement and life. Joe also holds advanced certifications in Orthopedics and movement screen utilization for the FMS/SFMA and functional range systems. Joe also prides himself on being a functional strength and mobility coach, while also having the opportunity to educate clinicians throughout the country and the world on topics such as building therapeutic alliance through the art of communication, understanding pain, treatment of lower extremity dysfunction, and gait assessment, the clinical applications of CBD and breathwork interventions, as well as kinesiology taping and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization.

Click here for information about Joseph LaVacca

JON MULHOLLAND, DC, CCSP, CSCS, ICSC, has over 20 years of experience helping athletes of all levels with injury recovery and performance enhancement. In addition to running his own practice, Dr. Mulholland has also acted as the chiropractic consultant for the United States Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NU, successfully treating dozens of Olympic athletes. He has traveled extensively as one of the team chiropractors for the US Bobsled & Skeleton teams. He has worked multiple World Championship events in a variety of sports and has treated athletes from dozens of different countries. He was the sports medicine & performance enhancement consultant for the New Zealand Cycling teams at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, where he helped the team win two Olympic medals. He is the owner/operator of Ideal Athlete Chiropractic, a sports chiropractic clinic in Plattsburgh, NY, He also travels extensively lecturing on a wide variety of sports injury and rehabilitation topics.

Click here for information about Jon Mulholland

MIKE STELLA, AT, is a Certified Athletic Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Performance Enhancement Specialist who is dedicated to helping all athletes and people overcome injuries and functional limitations. Mike has served as an athletic trainer for the Florida Gators Football and Track & Field teams, assisting in all facets of sports medicine, including injury evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation. While with the Gators, Mike developed his affinity for manual therapies, honing his skills with some of the best athletes, coaches, and multidisciplinary medical staff in the nation.

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ALYSON EVANS, DC, has dedicated the last 20 years to mashing up her passions for healthcare and education, alongside pursuing her purpose of building and serving a team. Alyson has helped grow multiple businesses, by prioritizing professional education and product innovation. She was at the forefront of growing the RockTape brand and community for a decade. Up for a new challenge, she found herself asking "What else is possible?" Alyson is the C-CEO and Founder of Fringe, a company grounded by its dedication to improving how we live and how we learn.

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The Complete Spine
Integrating Biomechanics, Regional Interdependence,
Functional Rehabilitation, and Performance Enhancement

Valued at $1,499.91
Register Today for Just $399.99!
Earn up to 28.75 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
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