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Master Maternal Care: Become a Certified Women's Health Specialist

Pregnancy and postpartum bring forth a symphony of changes, from nuanced hormonal transitions to pronounced musculoskeletal adaptations, challenging even the most seasoned practitioners.

This course, curated by accomplished female experts in prenatal and postpartum care, is a beacon for those poised to be frontrunners in maternal health. It's not just a certification; it's an invitation to a realm of unmatched expertise. Unlock insights with immediate clinical application including:

  • Detailed month-by-month analysis of hormonal and biomechanical changes
  • How to decode prevalent pain complaints and pinpoint their roots
  • Expert insights on hypermobility and its overarching impact on musculoskeletal care
  • Proven methodologies to alleviate common discomforts: LBP, sciatica, pelvic pain, and more
  • Safe and effective techniques for soft tissue care, therapeutic exercise, and HVLA methods
  • Home care solutions that deliver tangible results and sustainable relief
  • Craft individualized return-to-activity regimes for each patient's aspirations and capabilities

This is your chance to elevate your professional standing and step into the distinguished role of a Certified Women's Health Specialist*. Included within your registration, this certification not only bolsters your credentials but amplifies your commitment to women's health.

Differentiate yourself and lead the way in providing unparalleled care to women at every stage of pregnancy and postpartum.

Women's Health Practitioner Certification
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Designed for Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, and Other Healthcare Professionals
Maternal Wellness: Prenatal & Postpartum Recovery
DAY 1: APRIL 20, 2024
Therapeutic Care during Pregnancy & Postpartum: Best Practice Mechanical and Soft Tissue Treatments
8:00 AM to 3:40 PM Central

Navigate Hormonal & Mechanical Shifts by Trimester
First Trimester: Relaxin
          Mechanical findings: From exaggerated lordosis to altered gait
          Common pain complaints: lower back pain (LBP)
Second Trimester: Relaxin, progesterone, and plasma dynamics
          Stabilizing Challenges: The lordotic curve & sciatic nerve troubles
          Common pain complaints: SPD, Carpal Tunnel, and round ligament pain
Third Trimester: Estrogen, progesterone, and relaxin
          Adaptations to Mechanical Changes: Gait adaptations and rib dynamics
          Common pain complaints: Round ligament pain & sacral concerns
Postpartum: Oxytocin surges to post-partum depression
          Common pain complaints: mommy arm, diastasis recti, and weakened pelvic floor

Clinical Assessment and Treatment: Soft Tissue Techniques, Adjustment, Active & Home Care Tools
Comprehensive trimester-wise assessment and treatment to identify root cause of:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Torticollis
  • Round ligament pain
  • Mommy arm/shoulder
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Core weakness
  • And more!
Customized treatment plans: From spinal alignment to delivery prep and reduction in labor Times
Clinical considerations for the differences in vaginal birth vs. c-section
Safety considerations and contraindications in maternal care

Navigate Hormonal & Mechanical Shifts by Trimester

  • Holistic Rehab: Combine strength training, pelvic floor techniques, and neuromuscular re-education
  • Targeted Soft Tissue Manipulation: Advanced myofascial release and trigger point therapy techniques to alleviate muscle tension and pain syndromes
  • Pelvic Balancing Techniques: Implement targeted techniques to optimize pelvic alignment, facilitate easier childbirth and alleviate common pain syndromes
  • Precision Spinal Adjustments: Harness specialized chiropractic techniques tailored for pregnancy and postpartum to realign vertebrae, alleviate nerve compression, and restore optimal nervous system function, ensuring mothers move and function pain-free.

Practical Tools & Techniques for Self-Care to Amplify Outcomes & Empower Patients

  • Tailored Techniques: From posture modifications to soft tissue techniques for home program
  • Low-Cost, High Impact: Exercise ball routines, lumbosacral belts, and more!
  1. Evaluate the month-by-month hormonal and mechanical changes during pregnancy.
  2. Distinguish between various pain complaints such as true sciatica and piriformis syndrome.
  3. Analyze the implications of hypermobility on musculoskeletal care during the prenatal and postpartum phases.
  4. Choose specialized interventions for common pain complaints in pregnant and postpartum women.
  5. Determine safe and innovative techniques for soft tissue care, HVLA adjustments, and home care solutions.
  6. Identify the root causes of functional impairments during pregnancy and postpartum phases.

DAY 2: APRIL 21, 2024
The Postpartum Path: Complete Clinicians Guide from Recovery to Running and Beyond
8:00 AM to 3:40 PM Central

The Postpartum Body: A Deep Dive 

  • Musculoskeletal and hormonal shifts after pregnancy
  • Unique challenges for postpartum women transitioning back to fitness
  • Safely guide postpartum women to resume physical activity

Holistic MSK Evaluations: From Initial to Ongoing 

  • Comprehensive assessments: lumbo-pelvic-hip complex, diastasis recti, and postural changes
  • Pelvic floor dynamics: strength, tone, and endurance assessments
  • Functional movement screens for high-impact activities, including gait evaluation
  • Pain differentiation: musculoskeletal vs. visceral vs. surgical origin

Overcome Obstacles: Tactics to Address Common Postpartum Concerns  

  • Diastasis Recti
  • C-section Scar Pain and Restriction
  • Pelvic Girdle Pain
  • Incontinence (Leaking)
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Stress Fractures

Crafting the Perfect Physical Activity Blueprint 

  • Emphasizing a paced approach: reintroducing fitness gradually
  • Combining strength, flexibility, and tailored techniques for postpartum-specific issues
  • Injury prevention: addressing common risks and ensuring a safe return to running and other sports
  • What is really important when selecting footwear?
  • Navigating challenging terrain
  • Getting a handle on stroller running
  1. Identify the impact physiological changes have on a woman's ability to resume running during the postpartum period.
  2. Utilize screening tools to evaluate a postpartum woman's readiness for running.
  3. Identify common postural, strength, and mobility deficits in postpartum runners.
  4. Evaluate run readiness to create a personalized 5K running program for postpartum women.
  5. Identify five corrective drills to enhance running efficiency and reduce the risk of injury.
  6. List three research-based recommendations to improve postpartum running function.
Plus, an on-demand package to complete your certification on your own time – includes CE hours!
Videos will become available after event ends on 4/21/2024
Master Thyroid Function with Nutrition and Lifestyle Optimization
Cindi Lockhart, RDN, LD, IFNCP
  • Understand the full thyroid hormone pathway and impact on well-being​.
  • Recognize the link between common symptoms like fatigue and weight gain, and environmental factors such as diet, stress, and toxins. ​
  • Embrace a holistic approach for thyroid health, focusing on diet, gut health, exercise, sleep, and stress management. ​
  • Tailor treatment strategies to individual needs, considering unique dietary requirements, exercise preferences, and stress factors. 
Sex Hormones, the Female Brain, and the Birth Control Pill
Sarah Hill, PhD
  • Women's sex hormones have a profound impact on billions of cellular functions, affecting everything from mood and hunger to stress and pain perception.
  • Explore differences in hormonal contraceptives and their varying impact on  mood, emotional regulation, sexual desire, and overall health.
  • Educate patients on birth control’s impact on muscle mass, stress levels, appetite, weight, and osteoporosis risk, and self-care strategies to manage these effects.
No Birth Control, Now What? Tips for Helping Patients Transition off the Pill
Olivia Wagner, RDN, LDN, IFNCP
  • Self-care and dietary strategies to support hormonal balance and regular cycles when transitioning off birth control​
  • Clarify impacts on the body and menstrual cycle, including its use for non-contraceptive symptoms and conditions​
  • Highlight the need for understanding the menstrual cycle, identifying signs of a healthy cycle, and implementing dietary and lifestyle changes for lasting hormone health.
  • Focus on repleting nutrients, daily detox support, stress and adrenal balance, and gut nourishment as key areas to address after stopping birth control.
  • Comprehensive education on cycle charting, self-care for symptom management, and when to seek further medical testing or supplementation. 
Peri/Menopause: Empow(her)ing the Busy Woman
Aimee Bailey, PT, DPT, RYT-200HOUR
  • Distinguish between perimenopause and menopause: symptoms, hormonal changes, and the path to diagnosis.
  • Implement treatment strategies that address cardiovascular health, bone health, musculoskeletal issues, and mental well-being during these life stages.
  • Emphasize the importance of a positive outlook and empowering women to manage their health effectively during perimenopause and menopause.
  • Increase understanding of how hormonal cycles evolve over a lifetime, equipping patients with the knowledge to navigate these changes healthily.
Healthy Aging for Women in the Menopausal years
Keri Marshall, MS, ND
  • Understand the health challenges and nutrient shortfalls women face during menopause and their impact on overall health​
  • Explore the interconnectedness of sleep, stress, and body systems, for hormonal balance, mental wellness and stress resilience.​
  • Implement nutrition modifications to support digestion, optimal sleep, and bone health.​
  • Integrate exercise for joint health, inflammation management, and maintaining healthy body mass.​
Women's Health Practitioner Certification
Join live in Minneapolis, MN, or Virtual – April 20–21, 2024
Complete Conference Recording Package to watch on your schedule!
$1,229.92 Total Value
Just $599.99 Today!
Earn up to 21 CE hours including up to 12 live hours and 9 self-study hours!
Click here for live in-person CE details. Click here for live virtual CE details.
CWHS Certification

CWHS BadgeIn just three easy steps, you can become a Certified Women's Health Specialist (CWHS)!

Step 1: Complete the certification training (both live and self-study sessions).
Step 2: Complete the CE tests and instantly print your CE certificates.
Step 3: Submit the Certification Questionnaire included in this training, and your application is complete.*

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In the intricate dance of motherhood, from conception to postpartum recovery, every shift, whether hormonal or musculoskeletal, demands a keen clinical eye and a skilled therapeutic hand. This intensive certification is meticulously designed for those eager to lead the way in prenatal and postpartum care, ensuring you stand out as an expert in a niche yet profound domain.

In an era where expertise determines trust, don't miss this opportunity to redefine your clinical practice. This is your portal to advanced knowledge, innovative techniques, and enhanced patient trust and certification is included for no additional cost!

No, this course is a hybrid bringing you the benefits of both recorded video and live components. Join live on April 20–21 for up to 12 live CE hours and complete the rest of the certification package on your own time, whenever is convenient.

Attend in-person in Minneapolis, MN, or attend virtually from wherever you are!

The in-person event will be hosted at:
DoubleTree Minneapolis Airport
2020 American Boulevard East
Bloomington, MN 55425

Women's Health Practitioner Certification
Join live in Minneapolis, MN, or Virtual – April 20–21, 2024
Complete Conference Recording Package to watch on your schedule!
$1,229.92 Total Value
Just $599.99 Today!
Earn up to 21 CE hours including up to 12 live hours and 9 self-study hours!
Click here for live in-person CE details. Click here for live virtual CE details.
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