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Unlock the Benefits of Self-Study with Rehab Summit's 2024 Breakout Sessions

Experience the best of the Rehab Summit at your own pace with our fully self-study version of the breakout sessions. Enhance your clinical skills with access to cutting-edge content from top experts in orthopedic and neuro rehabilitation. Gain actionable insights and evidence-based strategies you can immediately apply in your practice. Enjoy the flexibility of learning on your schedule while earning CE credits.

Elevate your professional expertise and optimize patient outcomes with this comprehensive educational resource.

2024 Orthopedic & Neuro Rehab Summit

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CE Details available 4-6 weeks after conference dates of August 8–10, 2024

Dive into a comprehensive collection of expert-led sessions designed to elevate your rehabilitation practice. Gain valuable insights, practical techniques, and evidence-based strategies from top professionals in the field. Explore each session title, speaker, and summary below to discover the wealth of knowledge you can access at your convenience.

  • The Fall Factor: Enhance Early Identification to Prevent a Leading Cause of Death
    Speaker: Ron Blehm, PT, CEEAA, CSFI, CFPS
    Prioritize early intervention to prolong functional independence and prevent falls.
  • Techniques and Strategies for Differentiating Central and Peripheral Vertigo
    Speaker: Patrick Tino, PT, DPT
    Master the diagnosis and treatment of central and peripheral vertigo through comprehensive evaluation techniques.
  • The Road to Rotator Cuff Recovery: Tips and Techniques for Hands-on Clinical Testing and Effective Manual Strategies
    Speaker: Terry L. Rzepkowski, DPT, MS, BS
    Refine assessments and employ manual therapy strategies for optimal rotator cuff recovery.
  • Therapy Interventions Following Wrist Fracture or Injury: An Evidence Update
    Speaker: Kristin Valdes OTD, OTR, CHT
    Gain practical skills in assessment and evidence-based interventions for wrist fracture and injury rehabilitation
  • Post-op THA Precautions: Dispelling Myths and Making Informed Decisions
    Speaker: Patrick Tino, PT, DPT
    Navigate post-operative total hip arthroplasty precautions with evidence-based approaches.
  • Deciphering the Fascial Network: Unleash Function with Dynamic Myofascial Tools and Techniques
    Speaker: Darrell Locket, MAT, ATC/L, LMT, CSCS, MSCA-CPT, GT, CERT.DN
    Master multidisciplinary methods like cupping and instrument-assisted mobilization for enhanced mobility and pain reduction.
  • Unseen Burdens: How the Healthcare System Unknowingly Strains Caregivers in Dementia Caregiving
    Speaker: Lizette Cloete OTR/L CADDCT, CDP, Skills2Care
    Explore caregiver assessment tools and strategies to improve patient outcomes while supporting caregivers.
  • Improve Your Influence and Impact: Using the MENTOR Method for Professional Growth
    Speaker: Mike Chua, PT, DPT, CDP, CADDCT, CCI, SFS
    Empower yourself and identify your niche, build networks, and secure sustainable revenue.
  • Preventing Sacroiliac Joint Pain: It's All About the Hips!
    Speaker: Jon Mulholland, DC, ICSP, CSCS
    Learn the “Hip Hinge” technique and practical exercises for immediate relief of SI joint pain.
  • Sensorimotor and Proprioception Evaluation and Interventions for the Elbow, Wrist, and Hand: An Evidence Update
    Speaker: Kristin Valdes OTD, OTR, CHT
    Explore advanced proprioception techniques for the hand, wrist, and elbow to enhance rehabilitation.
  • Fixing Foot and Ankle Pain: Improving Mobility by Increasing Stability
    Speaker: Jon Mulholland, DC, ICSP, CSCS
    Utilize manual therapy techniques to alleviate pain and enhance function in foot and ankle rehabilitation.
  • Pharmacology Essentials: The No-Nonsense Guide to Common Meds and How They Impact Your Plan of Care
    Speaker: Terry L. Rzepkowski, DPT, MS, BS
    Learn to manage medication-induced changes in patients safely and incorporate medication considerations into rehab plans.
  • Integrating Age Tech/Smart Tech: Using Remote Monitoring as “Invisible Caregivers” in Aging Populations
    Speaker: Lizette Cloete OTR/L CADDCT, CDP, Skills2Care
    Simplify the integration of age tech and smart tech in rehabilitation.
  • Functional Rehab for the Industrial Athlete: Optimizing Injury Prevention and Return to Work
    Speaker: Jen Dieter, PT
    Develop conditioning routines to mitigate injury recurrence and improve occupational resilience.
  • Demystify Degenerative Changes of The Knee: A Novel Approach to Managing DJD/OA
    Speaker: Ron Blehm, PT, CEEAA, CSFI, CFPS
    Arm yourself with therapeutic exercises to slow joint degeneration and delay surgery.
  • External Pelvic Floor Treatment Across the Lifespan: Therapy for Pain, Incontinence and Sexual Dysfunction
    Speaker: Jen Dieter, PT
    Learn effective treatments to improve muscle function, reduce pain, and improve sexual function.
  • Comprehensive Solutions for Adult Scoliosis: Enhancing Recognition and Employing Interactive Therapeutic Interventions
    Speaker: John O'Halloran, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert MDT
    Accurately assess spinal degeneration and create effective corrective exercise programs.
  • Bursting Out of Parkinsonian Bradykinesia and Postural Abnormalities: Restoration of Speed and Quality of Mobility
    Speaker: Benjamin White, PT, DPT, C/NDT, MBA, LSVT BIG
    Enhance movement analysis skills to address posture and speed decline with evidence-based interventions.
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