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Integrative Approaches for Cervical Health that Bridge Manual Therapy, Posture, Pain Science, and Mindful Practices

Explore the untapped potential of your practice with the latest advancements in the treatment of cervicogenic headache, neck pain, and related disorders.

These expert-led sessions offer a deep dive into integrative, evidence-based strategies that combine traditional and holistic medicine to effectively manage pain and mobility impairments. Walk away with:

  • Comprehensive insights for tension-type headache and cervicogenic headache treatment, setting you apart in your field
  • Advanced manual therapy techniques and neuromuscular interventions like myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, positional release, acupressure and more!
  • Proven assessments and postural correction strategies, essential for tackling forward head posture effectively
  • Diaphragmatic breathing techniques and a reinforced understanding of the myofascial connections between the diaphragm and neck
  • Comprehensive, multifactorial treatment approaches for complex conditions such as degenerative disc disease and whiplash

Plus, get exclusive access to 5 bonus on-demand CE trainings from world-renowned experts like Lorimer Moseley DCS, PhD and Beth Darnall, PhD. These sessions alone offer invaluable insights into chronic pain management strategies.

This event promises to transform your approach to cervical health, equipping you with cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills for immediate application in your practice. Elevate your expertise, and offer your clients comprehensive, holistic care that transcends conventional treatment modalities.

Cervical Therapy Symposium:
Comprehensive Treatment Approaches for Headache and Neck Pain
$1,109.91 Total Value
Just $199.99 Today — Save over 80% until July 26th!
JOIN LIVE September 17
  • Earn up to 17.75 CE hours (8 live, 9.75 self-study)
  • Live Q&A with presenters
  • Online access available for 30 days afterward
  • Earn up to 17.75 CE hours
  • Watch the sessions at your own pace and schedule
  • Unlimited access to all sessions
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Session 1 - 8:00-10:00AM

Power Posture for Patients:
Manual Techniques to Reduce Forward Head Posture, Reduce Pain, and Maximize Function

Click here for information about Trent Brown

  • Comprehensive analysis of Forward Head Posture (FHP) causes and effects across demographics
  • Standardized, efficient assessment techniques for FHP, enhancing clinical decision-making
  • Effective manual treatment strategies, focusing on specific anatomical improvements
  • Exploring biomechanical and social consequences of FHP on health and well-being
  • Practical case studies demonstrating successful reduction of FHP and its long-term benefits

Session 2 - 10:20-12:20P

Breath, Spine, and Health: Diaphragmatic Techniques for Cervical and Autonomic Wellness

Mica Foster DC
Click here for information about Mica Foster

  • In-depth exploration of biotensegrity, fascintegrity, and myofascial chains and their clinical impact
  • Techniques to apply diaphragmatic breathing and improve cervical spine function
  • Combine breath reeducation with manual therapy for autonomic nervous system regulation
  • Advanced strategies integrating eye movements and yoga for cervical health
  • Practical application of breathwork in clinical settings for enhanced patient recovery

Session 3 - 1:00-3:00P

Cervical Region Pain: Connections to the Whole Body

Karen Pryor PhD, PT, DPT, CH, CPRCS
Click here for information about Karen Pryor

  • Advanced diagnostic methods for a variety of cervical pain syndromes, including degenerative changes
  • Hands-on techniques for effective treatment of disc-related cervical pain
  • Holistic treatment approaches incorporating nutritional and psychological considerations
  • The influence of therapeutic language and environment on pain management and recovery
  • Integrative care plans encompassing manual therapy, nutrition, and mind-body techniques

Session 4 - 3:20-5:20P

Master Cervicogenic Headache & Neck Pain Naturally:
Tips 'n Tricks Incorporating Traditional and Alternative Medicine for Rapid Results

Theresa A. Schmidt, PT, DPT, MS, OCS, LMT, CEAS, CHy
Click here for information about Theresa A. Schmidt

  • Deep dive into tension-type headache pathology, assessment and treatment
  • Integrate various manual therapy and neuromuscular interventions for effective treatment
  • Design comprehensive home management programs incorporating mindfulness and manual therapy
  • Emphasis on bridging traditional and holistic approaches for a comprehensive care strategy
Cervical Therapy Symposium:
Comprehensive Treatment Approaches for Headache and Neck Pain
$1,109.91 Total Value
Just $199.99 Today — Save over 80% until July 26th!
JOIN LIVE September 17
  • Earn up to 17.75 CE hours (8 live, 9.75 self-study)
  • Live Q&A with presenters
  • Online access available for 30 days afterward
  • Earn up to 17.75 CE hours
  • Watch the sessions at your own pace and schedule
  • Unlimited access to all sessions
Real People, Real Results
  • I enjoy taking classes with Karen Pryor. She is highly educated and has an awesome delivery with her classes.
  • Theresa provided specific manual techniques we can begin incorporating immediately.
  • Theresa is always entertaining while teaching her courses, and she has great demonstration videos she shares.
  • Thank you Trent, so excited for many new techniques to bring back to my department.
  • Mica is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker. So many insights and “pearls”
  • Trent is knowledgeable and demonstrates treatment techniques that are easy to integrate into patient treatment.
  • I enjoyed Trent’s training, easy application, very practical use of so many clinical pearls presented by the speaker.


★   The Fit for Purpose Model of Pain and the Bioplasticity of Recovery
Lorimer Moseley, DSc, PhD, FAAHMS, FACP

Renowned pain neuroscientist Lorimer Moseley, DSc, PhD, FAAHMS, FACP, explores advances in pain management, emphasizing neuroplasticity and bioplasticity, and introduces the 'Fit for Purpose Model' to empower and optimize patient recovery. This session challenges traditional views, offering modern theoretical and reasoning models to guide clinical practice in managing persistent pain.

★   Empowered Relief™: A Brief and Scalable Solution for Chronic Pain Management
Beth Darnall, PhD

Get expert guidance from Stanford pain scientist and clinical psychologist Beth Darnall, PhD, as she introduces Empowered Relief™, a two-hour, NIH-funded intervention providing scalable behavioral medicine for chronic pain management. Backed by multiple randomized controlled trials, this method equips participants with effective pain relief skills, offering a holistic alternative to traditional interventional approaches and broadening access to behavioral pain care for all healthcare providers.

★   Knowing Pain Is Not Treating Pain
Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD

Join Dr. Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD, a leading figure in pain neuroscience, as he explores the evolution of pain neuroscience education and its application in clinical settings. This session emphasizes the importance of translating pain science into practical, patient-centered interventions to effectively treat individuals experiencing pain.

★   Non-Pharmacological & Integrative Pain Management Approaches: Integrative Strategies to Treat Chronic Pain
Vanessa Ruiz, ND, RN-BSN

Learn alongside Vanessa Ruiz, ND, RN-BSN, a naturopathic physician and integrative therapy expert, as you explore non-pharmacological and integrative approaches to managing chronic pain. Uncover emerging trends and evidence-based strategies, including nutrition, supplementation, mindfulness, acupressure, and restorative yoga, offering practical tools beyond medications or surgery to help clients suffering from chronic pain.

★   MLD: Mini Lymphlift for the Head, Neck and Face
Elisa DiFalco, MS, OT, CMLDT, LMT

Join Elisa DiFalco, MS, OT, CMLDT, LMT, as she introduces the European modality MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) for addressing conditions like headaches, acne, CTEs, dementia, COVID, allergies, and post-dental surgery edema. This session highlights the benefits of MLD for improving lymph flow, with a focus on head, neck, and face conditions, and includes a self-care routine to maintain lymph flow between appointments.


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