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Stretch and mobility businesses are booming, and for good reason: people love the immediate relief and improved flexibility these services offer. There’s no better time than now to enhance your business or patient care plan by incorporating these highly sought-after services.

With our specialized program led by Darrell Locket, MAT, ATC/L, LMT, CSCS, MSCA-CPT, GT, Cert.DN, & Milica McDowell, DPT, you'll be perfectly positioned to capitalize on this growing trend.  Both instructors bring more than two decades of expertise to the table, providing a rich foundation of knowledge and practical skills. Whether you're broadening your skill set or focusing on a specialty, you’ll discover essential tools and insights to elevate your practice. Learn from their extensive, hands-on experience to confidently implement these techniques in real-world scenarios.

  • Dive deep into comprehensive assessment skills to effectively address mobility issues
  • Master the art and science of stretching: static, dynamic, PNF, and active release techniques
  • Gain hands-on experience with guided demonstrations, ensuring you can use them the next day
  • Harness advanced tools for chronic injuries that promote optimal muscle function & recovery
  • Enhance your myofascial toolbox with myofascial cupping, rolling, and other simple tools
  • Versatile approaches for any demographic: aging adults, athletes and more!

Join us to elevate your practice with the latest in clinical stretch and mobility techniques, and start making an immediate impact on your clients’ well-being. This is your opportunity to not only expand your service offerings but also to stand out in a growing sector.

Stretch and Mobility Certificate Course
Advanced Hands-on Clinical Skills and Mobility Labs

October 2–3, 2024
Valued at $789.97 yours for only $199.99 when you register by 9/24/24!
Earn up to 18 CE hours including up to 12 live hours and 6 self-study hours! Details coming soon.
  • Earn up to 18 CE hours – 12 live and 6 self-study hours
  • Immediate feedback and interaction
  • Participate in real-time Q&A sessions
  • 30-day access to bonus materials
  • Earn up to 18 self-study CE hours
  • Flexibility – fit learning into your schedule
  • Unlimited access to all sessions
  • Discussion forums with colleagues
Designed for Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, and Other Rehab Professionals
Advanced Stretch and Mobility Course:
Essentials and Innovations in Hands-On Techniques
Featuring Darrell Locket, MAT, ATC/L, LMT, CSCS, MSCA-CPT, GT, Cert.DN

You won't miss a thing with our multi-angle livestreaming, bringing you closer to the action from our fully equipped filming studio!
October 2, 2024 – 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern
October 3, 2024 – 8:00 AM – 12:45 PM Eastern

Foundations of Advanced Mobility

  • Deep dive into anatomy & physiology to understand related intricacies
  • Biomechanics behind movement and posture
  • Fascia: role in mobility, flexibility, and overall function
  • Understand how fascial slings contribute to movement efficiency
  • Precision assessment techniques for pinpointing mobility issues
  • Safety First: Ensuring client well-being at every step

Art & Science of Stretching Techniques

  • Static vs. Dynamic Stretching: decipher the best approach for each client
  • Harness the power of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
  • Active Release Mastery: Techniques for optimal muscle function
  • Tools to address muscle spasms and retractions

Specialized Approaches for Unique Populations

  • Rehabilitation roadmap and strategies for injury recovery
  • Aging, mobility limitations, and associated challenges
  • Chronic conditions: navigate the complexities of long-term ailments

Hands-On Clinical Excellence: Cutting-Edge Stretching Strategies for the Modern Therapist

  • Live Mobility Labs: Real-time practice with expert demonstrations.
  • Toolbox Essentials: Using assistive tools for enhanced outcomes
  • IASTM tools, kinesiology tape, foam rollers, bands and more!
  • Documentation tips for efficient and effective record-keeping
  • Therapy Entrepreneurship: Building and marketing your mobility practice

Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, and earn additional CE hours!

Mobility Masterclass: Myofascial Tools to Mitigate Pain, Enhance Recovery, & Spark Performance
Milica McDowell, MS, DPT
  • Learn safe practices for myofascial cupping, including when, where, and how to implement it effectively
  • Master novel applications of mobility tools for optimal outcomes in athlete rehabilitation and performance enhancement
  • Explore the biomechanical and neurophysiological impacts of mobility tools on pain modulation and muscle function
  • Gain hands-on experience with myofascial techniques tailored to the specific needs of endurance and team sport athletes
Red Light Therapy for Pain and Inflammation
Mike Stella, AT and Alyson Evans, DC
  • Discover how red light therapy enhances cellular mechanisms for improved pain management and inflammation reduction.
  • Learn the differences between LED and laser red light technologies and their specific applications in clinical settings.
  • Understand the optimal parameters for red light therapy, including dosage, treatment time, and frequency for effective results.
  • Gain insight into selecting the right red light therapy equipment based on power, irradiance, and safety features.
Stretch and Mobility Certificate Course
Advanced Hands-on Clinical Skills and Mobility Labs
October 2–3, 2024
Valued at $789.97 yours for only $199.99 when you register by 9/24/24!
Earn up to 18 CE hours including up to 12 live hours and 6 self-study hours! Details coming soon.
  • Master advanced stretch and mobility techniques to immediately improve flexibility
  • Learn comprehensive assessment skills to accurately identify and address mobility issues
  • Explore myofascial tools like cupping and foam rolling for enhanced recovery and pain management
  • Apply hands-on skills through multi-angle streamed sessions for a comprehensive educational experience
  • Benefit from a multidisciplinary lineup of experts with decades of clinical experience to broaden your therapeutic knowledge and skills
Darrell Locket
Darrell Locket, MAT, ATC/L, LMT, CSCS, MSCA-CPT, GT, Cert.DN, is a seasoned expert in sports medicine and rehabilitation with a focus on manual therapy. With experience working with elite athletes, including Olympic teams, he specializes in reducing neck and back pain often experienced due to high G-forces, particularly in military settings. His diverse certifications and extensive training underscore his dedication to providing innovative and effective solutions.

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Milica McDowell
Milica McDowell, DPT, an experienced orthopedic physical therapist, has led a diverse career spanning over two decades. With expertise honed in various roles including practice ownership, academic instruction, and product development, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her work. Currently serving as VP of Product for Physitrack, she continues to drive innovation in healthcare technology while maintaining a passion for outdoor activities and family pursuits.

Click here for information about Milica McDowell

Alyson Evans
Alyson Evans, DC, has dedicated the last 20 years to mashing up her passions for healthcare and education, alongside pursuing her purpose of building and serving a team. Alyson has helped grow multiple businesses, by prioritizing professional education and product innovation. She was at the forefront of growing the RockTape brand and community for a decade. Up for a new challenge, she found herself asking "What else is possible?" Alyson is the C-CEO and Founder of Fringe, a company grounded by its dedication to improving how we live and how we learn.

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Mike Stella
Mike Stella, AT, has a passion for aiding athletes in overcoming injuries. With experience at top-tier institutions like the Florida Gators and George Washington University, Mike has refined his skills in injury evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation. He brings a wealth of expertise to his role, including manual therapies, gained from working with elite athletes and multidisciplinary medical teams.

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Stretch and Mobility Certificate Course
Advanced Hands-on Clinical Skills and Mobility Labs
October 2–3, 2024
Valued at $789.97 yours for only $199.99 when you register by 9/24/24!
Earn up to 18 CE hours including up to 12 live hours and 6 self-study hours! Details coming soon.
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