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Whether you’ve been suspecting your child has ADHD, they’ve just been diagnosed or you’ve known for years…

It can be challenging to know exactly what to do to help your kids thrive. And, the truth is many parents are wondering, do I have ADHD too?

You’re a busy parent and it’s a lot to manage.

That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to learn exactly what you need to know. This microlearning course gives you the answers you need to feel confident about the decisions you make for your kid’s and family’s future.

You’ll join one of the foremost voices in ADHD treatment, Dr. Ari Tuckman. He’s worked with thousands of families like yours and now he’s here to share practical and actionable strategies with you. You'll immediately gain easy-to-understand explanations about exactly what it means to “have ADHD”, and learn how to navigate challenging behaviors, school, friends, social media, and so much more.

Listen to each short video at your down pace, in your car, on a walk, at the gym — anywhere, anytime, as often as you like.

Walk away knowing you can give your child the future they deserve!

What’s Inside Each Module
Move through each short video with unlimited access at any time,
day or night, to get the support and direction you need.
star My child has ADHD, now what?
check_smallI’m exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed… am I a terrible parent?
star Myth Busting: What ADHD is and isn’t
check_smallADHD and the Brain Explained
check_smallThe impact in your daily lives
check_smallDemystifying “executive functioning”
check_smallDoes Anyone Else in the Family Have ADHD?
check_smallWhat if it isn’t just ADHD?
star To Medicate or Not to Medicate?
check_smallWeighing the Pros and Cons
check_smallSimplified Overcome of Common Meds
check_smallHow to Know When Meds Aren’t Working & Side Effects
check_smallEasy to Implement Alternatives to Medication
star Secrets to the Daily Routine
check_smallHave Less Stressful Mornings Now
star Deescalate BIG emotions with Ease
star Make Challenging Behaviors Manageable
star Key Screen Time Tips
star Navigating Friendship & Romance
star Make Social Media Supportive and Safe
star School: Setting your child up for success
check_smallHow to navigate the school system
check_smallWhat to expect
check_smallWhat the heck is an IEP?
check_smallAccommodations and Teacher Interactions
check_smallGet Your Kid Focused on Homework
check_small When Things Go Wrong
star Expectations, Rules & Punishments that Actually Work
star Increasing Independence in the Teen Years
star Harnessing Neurodivergent Superpowers

What Makes Ari the best expert…
Ari Tuckman
Ari is here to offer you a hand not only as one of the most important advocates and voices in ADHD treatment. Feel confident that you are not only getting the most up-to-date information, but also that you’re getting it from a licensed psychologist with XX years of working with kids and families just like you. Dr. Tuckman has not only helped thousands of people he’s also trained therapists around the world — and he's bringing all that to you in this course!
How Will I Learn?

Learning how to help your family is easier than you ever thought possible…

looks_one Download the PESI App
looks_two Sign into your account
looks_3 Start learning and enjoying your new course right away

Once you register you’ll have unlimited access to all of modules to review as often as you’d like.

Whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home you can jump into short learning modules with Dr. Tuckman. They’re designed to pin-point exactly what you need to know — no non-sense, just practical education, tools, information and guidance you need now.
We’ve made it simple and easy to get family life on track and make sure that you and your loved ones succeed every step of the way.

Will I really learn what I need to feel confident supporting my family?
Dr. Tuckman has treated thousands of clients and taught even more therapists his approach to navigating ADHD diagnoses. While this course isn’t a substitute for individual or family therapy you’ll learn simple tools and strategies you can use right away, like how to make your morning routines easier and smoother.
We’re so confident that you’ll have the support you need we offer a 100% money back guarantee. So, register risk free now.

Who is learning course for?
This course is intended to help who suspect their child may have an ADHD diagnosis, has just received an ADHD diagnosis for a healthcare professional, or a parent who’s child has had ADHD for years and wants support and new ideas.

What is PESI Life?
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