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7402 - Trauma-Informed Community Mental Health

Strategies for Trauma, Suicidal Crises, Addictions and More in Low Income and Marginalized Clients

Online Course
Base Price: $548.72 Standard - $979.86 Price with Discount: $498.72

7405 - Trauma-Informed Education: Improving Educational and Emotional Outcomes for Your Most Challenging Students

Digital Seminar
Created: 03/02/2017
Base Price: $249.99 Price with Discount: $199.99

7407 - Trauma-Informed Motivational Interviewing: A Foundational Approach to Engage and Treat Complex Clients

Digital Seminar
Created: 08/03/2022
Base Price: $289.99 Price with Discount: $239.99

7409 - Trauma-Informed Responses to Racial Injustice: Interventions for Immigrant, Diverse or Vulnerable Populations

Digital Seminar
Created: 05/18/2021
Base Price: $249.99 Price with Discount: $199.99

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