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Military Discount

PESI, Inc. is proud to offer free tuition to attend most live webinars and live in-person seminars for active-duty, retired, and veteran status military personnel. Family members of those who have served are not eligible. Space is limited to 3 seats per live event. Active or retired military personnel who are interested in this free tuition offer can receive more information by giving our customer service department a call at (800) 844-8260. We are open Monday-Friday, 6:30 AM to 7:00 PM Central Time.

114 - LGBTQ Youth: Clinical Strategies to Support Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

05/25/2023 07:00 am
Base Price: $219.99 Price with Discount: $0.00

115 - LGBTQ+ Clients: Queer Affirmative Strategies to Address Sexual and Gender Identity

06/02/2023 08:00 am
Base Price: $0.00 Price with Discount: $0.00

116 - Mastering Differential Diagnosis with the DSM-5-TR™: A Symptom-Based Approach

05/09/2023 07:00 am
Base Price: $219.99 Price with Discount: $0.00

120 - Medical Trauma: Clinical Tools for Treating PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression Following a Health Crisis

03/31/2023 09:00 am
Base Price: $219.99 Price with Discount: $0.00

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