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Alexa Wolkoff, LCSW, RYT

Alexa Wolkoff, LCSW, RYT is a psychotherapist, community yoga studio founder, and yoga and meditation teacher in Northern Westchester.  In her private psychotherapy practice, Alexa works with children, adolescents, adults and families both individually and in groups. Her interest is in helping clients move mindfully through major life transitions. She specializes in women getting reacquainted with their bodies after crisis, trauma, loss and the disembodiment associated with disordered eating, compulsive exercise and addiction. Alexa advocates that health is possible at every body size. 

Alexa opened and runs an accessible community yoga studio- which has both children and adult class programs. She teaches group and private yoga classes. Her teaching focuses on the ways in which gentle movement, mindfulness and meditation can affect the nervous system and emotional regulation. Alexa has a holistic view of wellness that includes the entire person- physically, emotionally and spiritually.