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Alicia Ruelaz Maher, MD

Psychosomatic Medicine

Alicia Ruelaz Maher, M.D., is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA and the former Psychiatric Liaison to the Cedars Sinai Center for Weight Loss in Los Angeles, California. She has taught neurochemistry and psychopharmacology to UCLA, USC and UCSF medical students as well as psychiatry residents, psychologists and other therapists in training. In addition, she both treated and taught patients in weight management. She is a board certified diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and subspecialty board certified in Psychosomatic Medicine. Her engaging, interactive style allows students to understand complex neurochemistry with enjoyment and ease.

Throughout her career, Dr. Maher has made presentations before many prestigious audiences in four different countries including the American Psychiatric Association, the World Psychiatric Association and others. She has contributed to several publications including The Journal of Pediatric Surgery, The Journal of General Internal Medicine, The Psychiatric Times, The Psyche, The International Association for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Career Insights MD, Drug Benefit Trends, and Psychiatry 2007. Her knowledge has been quoted by definitive resources for physicians and nurses such as Medscape, ConsultantLive, and Nurses' Newswire.