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Amie Leigh

Amie Leigh's work deals with public advocacy and program design with a strong emphasis on creating resources and partnerships for dealing with community-wide crises including disaster and social unrest. For 10+ years prior to joining SEI, Amie conducted workshops, seminars, trainings, and retreats with a passion for any and all subject matter that causes humans to thrive. Her academic training and professional background in large-scale public conflict mediation morphed into disaster crisis intervention when she moved to a region frequently beset by disasters and couldn't help but feel the social costs of long-term community-wide distress. She experienced, first hand, the impact and undressed concerns that occur in those incidents and began to integrate modalities and wellness interventions to create resiliency resources, founding a disaster relief training organization prior to going the SE Institute to curate programs that serve public health concerns, such as Crisis Stabilization. As a student of human learning systems, and with a high degree of academic rigor, she loves to synthesize evidence-based, research-verified methods of dealing with community-wide trauma, building on the FEMA National Incident Management System, CERT Disaster Psychology curriculum, formed in the NOVA model of Group Criss Intervention, collaborating with the rigor of Public Health Institutes at leading universities, and the Terrorism and Disaster Coalition of the Gulf Coast, and inspired by emerging research in neurobiology/neuropsychology. Partnership and collaboration drive the engine of energy and enthusiasm that Amie is known for, as she looks to engage experts across fields and disciplines, building collations and partnerships, coordinating with local, state, and federal governance agencies to bring access to healing and wellness for all. Working to bring SE to the world in the most practical tactical ways is the fulfillment of a life dream.

Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Amie Leigh is the Director of Public Health Initiatives for Somatic Experiencing International.
Non-financial: Amie Leigh has no relevant non-financial relationships.