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Branden Getchell

Branden Getchell, Account Management, Hill Holiday 

Early on in life, Branden found himself in a number of foster homes as the result of his parent's addiction to drugs and alcohol. This addiction forced Branden’s and his 4 siblings to have to separate from one another, living in separate homes and attending different schools. When they did come together, they always met in a cold room under the gaze of unfamiliar eyes. Eventually finding stability in his final foster home placement, he was able to overcome adversity. Today, Branden Getchell is a Child Advocate, former Account Executive at one of the country's top marketing agencies, Hill Holliday, and an aspiring founder of Aging Out & Showing Up, a nonprofit that seeks to provide better outcomes for youth aging out of the foster care system.

A fundraiser and motiviational speaker in and around the Boston area, he continues to inspire children who are fighting to overcome their circumstances by delivering motivational speeches in and around the Boston area.