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Briana Makofske, Ph.D.

Briana Makofske, Ph.D., is the co-owner of Summit Psychological Assessment & Consultation and a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed School Psychologist in the state of Colorado. She has extensive experience working with children with neurodevelopmental disorders in school settings and in private practice. She addresses children’s individual needs through assessment, the development of collaborative goals and interventions, and the provision of direct and consultative services. Dr. Makofske believes that all children can acquire skills to increase their independence. The focus of her work now is collaborating with, and teaching skills to, parents and educators to support children in multiple environments.

Self-Regulation and Active Problem Solving

Activities to Teach Kids How to Generalize Learned Skills to Real-Life Situations

Briana Makofske, Ph.D.
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Jan 28, 2020
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