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Corey Layne, Psy.D.

Corey Layne, Psy.D. school psychologist, has worked in a variety of education related positions in West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, and Georgia. She has worked as an educational consultant and school psychologist providing consultation and training to parents, teachers, and administrators. Dr. Layne has assisted both local education agencies and state education agencies in restructuring schools in positive ways when the educational movement called for greater accountability at every level. her experience includes using techniques for linking assessment to interventions when consulting with teachers to enhance the classroom performance of students.

Dr. Layne completed a portion of her higher education at Marshall University. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Master of Arts in Educational Administration, Educational Specialist in Adult and Technical Education with an emphasis in training, Master of Arts in Psychology, and Educational Specialist in School Psychology. Dr. Layne earned a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at Argosy University. She demonstrates expertise in Response to Intervention (RTI), collaborative problem solving, data-based decision making, assessment, training educators and administrators, program evaluation, counseling, bullying prevention/intervention, and developing academic and behavioral interventions. Dr. Layne’s seminars are founded on peer-reviewed research, training, and education that have been shared with educators in local education agency trainings, seminars in various states and local conventions.