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Edward Zuckerman, Ph.D.


The Clinician's Toolbox

Edward Zuckerman, Ph.D., has created the most comprehensive and practical set of practice tools for clinicians of all experience levels. His books include The Paper Office: Forms, Guidelines and Resources to Make Your Practice Work Ethically, Legally, and Profitably (4th Ed. for 2008), The Clinician's Thesaurus: The Guide to Conducting Interviews and Writing Psychological Reports (7th ed.), and he co-authored Rewarding Specialties for Mental Health Clinicians: Developing Your Practice Niche, and The Authoritative Guide to Self Help Resources in Mental Health. All of these are published by Guilford Press. He has also written and published HIPAA Help: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability: A Compliance Manual for Psychotherapists.

Dr. Zuckerman earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. He has more than 30 years of clinical experience working in community mental health, with developmentally disabled adults, as a program evaluator, in full-time private practice and as a claims reviewer for Social Security Disability. He taught psychology courses at the University of Pittsburgh and at Carnegie Mellon for 15 years.

His writing demonstrates an understanding of clinicians' work environments and needs based on his extensive experience. In his writing and workshops, Dr. Zuckerman provides invaluable consultation, practical information and usable forms and tool for the support functions of clinical practice.