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Eric J. Guendner

Eric J. Guendner, M.A., LPA, LCAS-A, is a licensed psychological associate in Wilmington, North Carolina. As a clinician, Eric works in a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy informed partial hospital program and a DBT informed substance abuse intensive outpatient program (SAIOP). He provides supervision and developed a curriculum to instruct interns in compliant DBT. Eric utilizes DBT as primary framework to conceptualize treatments in his individual practice working with individuals suffering from a number of disorders. Eric is a member of DBT consultation team that is dedicated to providing compliant DBT to clients. He also presents on DBT at both the undergraduate and graduate level at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.  Mr. Guendner is an adjunct in the psychology department at University of North Carolina Wilmington. He has been involved in research involving psychoneuroimmunology and working memory at the university and is conducting research on DBT in partial hospital settings and intensive outpatient settings. Mr. Guendner’ s research has been presented at Neuroscience and the East Carolina University Neuroscience Conference.