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Germayne Boswell Tizzano, Ph.D.

GERMAYNE TIZZANO, PhD, is a speaker, author, and researcher on the subjects of childhood sexual trauma, sexual health for women and men with trauma and substance abuse histories, and intimate partner violence.  As owner and founder of Views From a Tree House, Inc., she provides healthcare professionals and university personnel with educational programs that offer tools and insight to effectively help survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. Her work spans a wide range of venues, including addiction and recovery centers, community correction facilities, HIV outreach programs, American Indian Affairs, and the World Association for Sexual Health, Gothenburg, Sweden.  

With over 25 years of international speaking and training experience, Dr. Tizzano delivers a powerful message of compassion and hope that draws on her own history of 20 years of childhood sexual abuse. Using her findings as an avid researcher in neurobiology and the impact of childhood sexual trauma on the mind and body, she presents state-of-the art treatments and clinical interventions that can support survivors toward a journey of recovery.

Through the high-energy, didactic and experiential-based sessions Dr. Tizzano offers, attendees learn about the strategies and resources for mitigating the impact of sexual trauma. Participants come away with an in-depth understanding of the underpinnings of sexual trauma and ties to clinical challenges such as substance abuse and eating disorders. Restorative measures to heal from the treacherous impact of sexual abuse are presented with clarity, vision, and conviction.

Dr. Tizzano received a Ph.D. in Health Education with a specialty in Preventive Medicine from Ohio State University. She is the author of Sanctuary for Change, a 32-hour curriculum on healthy sexual recovery and intimacy for women survivors of sexual trauma.

Speaker Disclosure:

Financial: Germayne Boswell Tizzano is President and Founder of Views From a Tree House.  She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.  She has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.

Non-financial:  Germayne Boswell Tizzano has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.

Healing from Sexual Trauma: Using the Therapeutic Alliance with Adult Survivors to Uncover Childhood Sexual Abuse, Release the Past, and Build Resilience

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Germayne Boswell Tizzano, Ph.D.
6 Hours 16 Minutes
Audio and Video
Dec 14, 2018
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Digital Seminar - Also available: DVD
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