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Golden Harper

Golden Harper is a foot health, footwear, and running biomechanics expert with several decades of hands-on experience working in these fields. Golden studied Exercise Science at two Universities, where he was particularly focused on biomechanics, kinematics, and coaching.  During this time, he authored several research articles on running-related injuries and running technique.    

With the knowledge of proper biomechanics and a passion for reducing running injuries, Golden developed the first cushioned Zero Drop™ running shoes after appeals to major shoe companies fell on deaf ears. Golden’s running experience and commitment to helping people run better were the driving force in the creation of Altra. In addition to doing biomechanics consulting for shoe companies and others, Golden recently founded P.R. Gear as a way to bring more foot health and biomechanics tools and education to the world.  

Golden speaks professionally on foot health and running topics nationwide, including at many medical conferences, including meetings for the APMA, AAPSM, Pro Sport Chiropractic, CASEM, and more.  He is known as an engaging and entertaining speaker, and loves to share his passion in an effort to help others.