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Julie Brown, Ph.D.

Julie F. Brown, Ph.D., is the author of the Emotion Regulation Skills System for the Cognitively Challenged Client: A DBT™-Informed Approach (2016). Julie is the director of the Skills System at Justice Resource Institute and an adjunct faculty at the Trauma Center at JRI. She is an independently licensed social worker and has provided individual and group therapy for individuals with complex learning and behavioral health issues for over 25 years. She has been a DBT trainer with Behavioral Tech, LLC (Linehan Institute) since 2005, specializing in improving the accessibility of DBT for individuals with cognitive impairments/behavioral health issues. In addition to publishing articles and book chapters addressing issues related to intellectual disabilities, Julie authored the book The Skills System Instructor’s Guide: An Emotion Regulation Skills Curriculum for All Learning Abilities in 2011. She has presented and trained extensively on the topics of intellectual disabilities, the Skills System, DBT, and the treatment of sexual abusers in the US and abroad.

Enhancing Emotion Regulation Skills for the Cognitively Challenged Client: The Skills System

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Julie Brown, Ph.D.
5 Hours 53 Minutes
Audio and Video
Jul 20, 2017
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