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Lora Shor, MSW, LSW

Health and Wellness Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer, Life Coach, and Psychotherapist

Forshor Wellness

Lora Shor, MSW, LSW, is a psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience working with people to help them make lasting change and positive growth. She has helped thousands learn and implement resiliency skills and transformational techniques for a happier, healthier balanced lifestyle. Lora has created and taught hundreds of mental health workshops along with corporate seminars and webinars. Lora actively uses her incredibly contagious energy, enthusiasm and sense of humor to motivate and maximize personal potential and growth.

She is the co-author of The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life, along with bestselling PESI author Judy Belmont, MS. This book is designed to help all of us get through the "holes" in our life in a powerful, practical, playful and holistic way. For more information, please visit The Swiss cheese Theory of Life is a book about resiliency. Using Swiss Cheese as a metaphor for life itself, you will explore ways to get through life's holes without getting stuck in them. Swiss is not like any other cheese - and neither are you!