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Prentis Hemphill

After becoming the Healing Justice Director of the Black Lives Matter Global Network, Prentis Hemphill sought to create curative and lasting change on the individual level. They created the Embodiment Institute, where their somatically grounded methods help marginalized populations overcome embodied feelings of internalized otherness and shame. For their transformative work, Hemphill has received the Buddhist Peace Fellowship Soma Award. They’ve been host of the popular podcast Finding Our Way, which uncovers how we can build and embody the world we want to live in. They’ve been featured in the HBO series Eyes on the Prize, which celebrates black liberation and the legacy of activists around the country, and Brene Brown’s Atlas of the Heart, which explores how we can define meaningful connection in our lives. In this keynote address, Hemphill highlights what our bodies can show us about life beyond personal reactivity and armoring. How we can reshape our understanding of our inner and outer worlds. And how willing engagement with social change can help heal our individual and collective selves.

Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Prentis Hemphill has employment relationships with The Embodiment Institute and Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity. They are a podcast host. They have no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.
Non-financial: Prentis Hemphill is an author with Psychotherapy Networker.