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Psyche Loui

Psyche Loui is Associate Professor of Creativity and Creative Practice in the Department of Music and director of the MIND (Music, Imaging, and Neural Dynamics) lab at Northeastern University. She holds a PhD in Psychology from University of California, Berkeley and undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Music from Duke University. Dr. Loui studies the neuroscience of music perception and cognition, tackling questions such as: What gives people the chills when they are moved by a piece of music? How does connectivity in the brain enable or disrupt music perception? Can music help those with neurological disorders? Her work is supported by National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, received multiple grammy awards, a young investigator award from the Positive Neuroscience Institute, and a Career award from the National Science Foundation. Her projects have been featured by the Associated Press, New York Times, Boston Globe, BBC, CNN, and other news outlets.