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Tara Orgon Stamper, RN, MSN, CNRN, ANP-BC


Tara Orgon Stamper has been practicing neurosurgery as a neurosurgical nurse practitioner for over 10 years. She has cared for all types of neurosurgical patients with a strong focus on neurooncology and neurotrauma. Tara medically manages patients who are acutely admitted to the hospital, as well as those patients who are admitted electively. She is very active in her community and travels to area elementary, middle and high schools giving presentations on the consequences of closed head injury and, more importantly, injury prevention. She is faculty at the University of Cincinnati Nurse Practitioner Program and has precepted many graduate students over the years. Tara is a nationally-recognized speaker in neurosurgery and has travelled extensively throughout the United States and has developed neuroscience nursing education programs for area hospitals. She is an avid speaker who welcomes class participation and enjoys a relaxed atmosphere, conducive to learning and understanding neurosurgery.

Financial: Tara Orgon Stamper is receiving a fee for speaking at today's educational activity.
Nonfinancial: Tara co-facilitates a brain tumor networking support group at the Wellness Community Center in her area.  She does not receive compensation for her role.