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Vivien Rosina Mudgett, MSN, MA, RN


Healthcare Leadership Coalition

Vivien Rosina Mudgett, MSN, MA, RN, has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. She has moved through the ladder of staff nurse to charge nurse, supervisor, manager, director and administrator. Recently, she founded the Healthcare Leadership Coalition in order to help mentor and coach nurse leaders trying to navigate the rough seas in the world of healthcare reform. Vivien found that, just as when she started as a nurse leader, most nurses today are promoted because of their expert clinical skills, but are given little or no preparation for the work ahead of them.

Vivien’s authenticity as an active leader in the industry is further strengthened by being an active member in many national organizations, including The American Organization of Nurse Executives and the American Nurses Association, as well as the Honor Society of Sigma Theta Tau. Many hospitals and healthcare industry groups have heard her passion and insights on healthcare topics for many years. Vivien’s speaking engagements are regarded as a must see for those in the field.

Vivien’s passion for this subject comes across in each workshop that she does. Through these new leadership workshops, Vivien teaches nurses practical skills they can use and apply the very next day on the job. Participants of these workshops leave with a renewed joy for their work, and find that they remember the reason they got into this wonderful and healing profession.