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William Matteson, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Private Practice

William Matteson, Ph.D., is an accomplished psychologist and public speaker. Specializing in mental health and aging, he has authored three books, Stop Memory Loss, a look at the prevention of dementia, Caregiver's Bible, a guide for professional caregivers of the aged, and (writing as William Cone), The Abduction Enigma, an examination of how therapists can unwittingly induce false memories.

Currently a consultant and lecturer in the field of geriatrics, Dr. Matteson develops and implements training programs for geriopsychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, and care facilities across the country. As a widely respected authority in the mental health field, he has been featured on numerous television programs and has been a featured speaker on dozens of radio programs nationwide.

Dr. Matteson lives in Pacific Palisades, California.