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The Top One-Minute Mindfulness Strategies to Use in Your Practice

Donald Altman, M.A., LPC, psychotherapist, former Buddhist monk, award-winning writer, and author of One-Minute Mindfulness will share his favorite One-Minute Mindfulness practices that can enhance your mindfulness work with clients. These easy-to-use practices are effective centering and stress-reduction strategies for working with mood disorders, anxiety, ADD, and PTSD. Donald will also explain how mindfulness recalibrates the brain by accessing the present moment.


  • Use breathing as a powerful stress reduction method to counter anxiety
  • Describe how to focus attention away from negative mood states by grounding awareness in the external world
  • Explain a calming meditation for increasing concentration and shown to be helpful for ADD
  • Create space from feelings of depression through affirmation and intention as a way to strengthen feelings of safety
  • Use gratitude as a daily practice to create a new narrative and reduce depression


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