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FREE! Adrenal Health:
Stress Response, Hormone Balance & Building Resiliency

As healthcare workers, we’re no strangers to stress. We see our patients worried about their health and future when they come into our facilities. And we experience it daily dealing with the pressure to deliver the best possible care. It’s so familiar to us, we can overlook what that stress is really doing in our bodies.

The hormonal impacts of stress are extensive — insulin resistance, thyroid dysfunction, and even sex hormone imbalances. But fortunately, intentional behavior changes can mitigate the consequences of chronic stress.

Learn tools your patients (and you!) can start using immediately to improve hormone function.

Join Cindi Lockhart, RDN, LD, IF NCP, for this FREE training where you’ll learn:
  • The common symptoms of adrenal dysfunction and how it impacts other hormones
  • How chronic stress leads to dysfunction in other hormones — like insulin and thyroid hormones
  • How to develop a customized approach to improve stress response and tolerance
You will walk away with many pearls of wisdom from this expert to implement into your daily practice.
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