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Transverse Plane Dysfunction: Training the 3D Human Machine
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Sometimes you just feel stuck. 

There's that difficult patient that just can't seem to make improvements like you hoped.  You've tried various approaches, but still not seeing the results you want.

Plateaus are frustrating as you run through all of the different ways you could modify programming to get this patient back on track.

When you feel like you've tried everything, don’t work harder…work smarter.  Most people hide movement dysfunction in their transverse plane.  Their inability to rotate efficiently and control bad rotation is leading to pain, poor performance and overall dysfunction.

Movement expert, Mitch Hauschildt, will show you exactly how to assess and train people to move while rotating more efficiently.

During this recording, you will explore:

  • Specific fascial lines that play an important role in rotational movement patterns
  • Assessing transverse plane movements to identify exactly where their dysfunction lies
  • How to prime the nervous system to up regulate stability and motor control
  • A step-by-step process for correcting movement dysfunction that exist with rotational movement patterns

Poor rotation affects the entire kinetic chain.  With these targeted interventions, you will begin to see improvements again. 

Watch Mitch during this recording to better understand how you can quickly improve rotational movement patterns.

Mitch Hauschildt, MA, ATC, CSCS

Mitch Hauschildt serves as the prevention, rehab, and physical performance coordinator at Missouri State University, making him the leading expert on staff in the areas of injury prevention and rehabilitation. At MSU, he utilizes his knowledge of performance enhancement and sports medicine to coordinate the rehab and injury prevention programs for all 17 varsity sports. In his 16th year at MSU, he has also served as the athletic trainer for baseball, track and cross country, as well as strength and conditioning coach for men’s basketball and volleyball.

Mitch is the founder and president of Maximum Training Solutions, LLC, a full-service sports medicine consultancy that he created to help coaches, trainers, therapists, and other health professionals and athletes to reach their full potential in their athletic-related endeavors.

Over the years, Mitch has consulted with a variety of clients including universities, private physical therapy clinics, large market health systems, personal training studios, and high schools. Mitch has personally worked with thousands of athletes throughout his career. His clients have won world series rings, played in the NFL, NBA and MLS, and competed in the Olympics, but most importantly, they have achieved great personal success in local competitive events and leagues. Mitch is a noted speaker on both a regional and national level and has been published multiple times in professional journals and coaching websites.


Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Mitch Hauschildt is the founder of Maximum Training Solutions, LLC and has employment relationships with Missouri State University and Fitness Anywhere, Inc. He is a content contributor for Titan Nutrition and is the health & wellness contributor for the Springfield Police Department. Mitch Hauschildt receives a speaking honorarium and consulting fee from Suji Sub, Inc., and a speaking honorarium from RockTape and Dry Needling. He receives royalties from Fringe and American Council on Exercise. Mitch Hauschildt receives a speaking honorarium, recording royalties, and a consultant fee from PESI, Inc. All relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations have been mitigated.
Non-financial: Mitch Hauschildt serves as an advisory board member for Evergreen Certifications. He is a member of the National Athletic Trainer's Association.



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