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The Art and Science of EMDR

Helping Clinicians Bridge the Path from Protocol to Practice

Rotem Brayer, MEd, LPC
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Apr 11, 2023
PESI Publishing
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The EMDR model is linear – real EMDR is not.

Therapists who are trained in EMDR can facilitate healing in the most profound ways. But successful treatment requires more than following a rigid script or a protocol. It requires bringing both the art and science of EMDR into the therapy room.

In The Art and Science of EMDR, clinicians will learn how to do just that. Grounded in the principles of neurobiology and the science of deliberate practice, this book teaches both new and seasoned EMDR clinicians how to apply the phase-based model of EMDR in a more holistic way. Instead of conceptualizing EMDR in an inflexible and linear manner, clinicians will learn how to adapt the protocol to each client’s needs while maintaining authenticity to the model (and to who they are as therapists and humans).

Whether you are an EMDR trainer, consultant, or practitioner, this user-friendly guide will help you:

  • Understand a client’s presenting problems through the lens of neuroscience
  • Identify and overcome common mistakes during preparation and resourcing
  • Individualize a client’s inner resources
  • Develop regular mindfulness habits that improve client outcomes
  • Stay in control of the protocol while bringing more flexibility to the assessment phase
  • Set the groundwork for effective processing and learn when and how to intervene
  • Bring the principles of deliberate practice to EMDR trainings and consultations



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Rotem Brayer, MEd, LPC, is a licensed professional counselor, certified EMDR therapist, EMDR consultant, and advanced EMDR trainer. He is the founder of The EMDR Learning Community (, a community that brings EMDR therapists together and provides education on EMDR therapy and the integration of this modality with other treatment approaches. As the founder of EMDR Denver, a practice that helps clients heal with an “EMDR first” approach, Rotem divides his time between consulting on cases, coaching EMDR therapists, and helping clients heal from the effects of trauma and attachment wounds.


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