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Rotem Brayer, MEd, LPC

Insight Psychotherapy, LLC

Rotem Brayer, MEd, LPC, is a licensed professional counselor, certified EMDR therapist, EMDR consultant, and advanced EMDR trainer. He is the founder of The EMDR Learning Community (, a community that brings EMDR therapists together and provides education on EMDR therapy and the integration of this modality with other treatment approaches. As the founder of EMDR Denver, a practice that helps clients heal with an “EMDR first” approach, Rotem divides his time between consulting on cases, coaching EMDR therapists, and helping clients heal from the effects of trauma and attachment wounds.

The Art and Science of EMDR

Helping Clinicians Bridge the Path from Protocol to Practice

Rotem Brayer, MEd, LPC
Publication Date:
Apr 04, 2023
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