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Carlene Rimes, OTR

Carlene Rimes, OTR, is a 2016 graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University, where she earned her master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration and Management. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor while in graduate school, Carlene directed her focus and studies towards a focus on neurodegenerative conditions. She is currently working with FGCU on research involving more innovative holistic approaches to therapy. Mrs. Rimes has been invited to present her research at the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapy as well as the Florida Occupational Therapy Association and serves as a professional panelist for the Parkinson’s Association of SWFL. 2023 will mark the third year of neurological rehabilitation research in the SWFL area. Carlene established Mobile Rehab, LLC in 2020 to allow for a better level of treatment for the neurodegenerative population and currently serves as the CEO.