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Jed Baker, Ph.D.


Social Skills Training Project

Dr. Jed Baker's dynamic and comprehensive presentation is extremely valuable to all family members and professionals working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities, mood and anxiety disorders, and other issues that impact social-emotional functioning. His work has been featured on ABC News and Nightline!


Speaker Disclosure:
Financial: Jed Baker maintains a private practice. He is an author and receives royalties. Dr. Baker receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.
Non-financial: Jed Baker is a professional advisory board member of ASPEN (Asperger Syndrome Education Network); the Kelberman Center; YAI; and Autism Today.

2021 Autism Symposium: What's New & What's Next in Treating Clients on the Spectrum

Temple Grandin |  Stephen Porges |  Varleisha D. Gibbs |  Rebecca Sachs |  Tamara Rosen |  Stacy Sue Rosello |  Jim Ball |  Leah Kuypers |  ....
32 Hours 30 Minutes
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Online Course
$299.99 Standard - $1,669.79

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