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Jessie Podolak, PT, DPT


Freedom PT and Body Works, LLC

Jessie Podolak, PT, DPT, brings 15+ years of clinical experience to the classroom and lab, having cared for patients of all ages with complex chronic back and neck pain, orthopedic injuries, and postsurgical pain. She is a private-practice PT, a member of the APTA and is recognized in her community as a leader in providing effective care for low back, buttock and lower extremity pain. She has equipped world-class runners and triathletes to perform to their fullest potential, and she currently owns the first direct-pay physical therapy practice in her area.

Jessie has embraced evidence-based practice, integrating clinical practice guidelines and prediction rules into her treatment tool box since earning her transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy Degree from Regis University in 2011. She is especially interested in the emerging body of literature exploring the interaction between the mind, body, and behavior as it pertains to the various ways people respond to pain. Implementing Therapeutic Neuroscience Education (TNE) has taken her practice to the next level, and she is eager to see her peers embrace TNE as a means to empower patients in their own recovery.