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Miles Neale, PsyD

Miles Neale, PsyD, is among the leading voices of the current generation of Buddhist teachers and a forerunner in the emerging field of contemplative psychotherapy. He is Assistant Director of Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science where he develops and teaches programs based on Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, meditation, neuroscience, and psychotherapy. Dr. Neale is also Buddhist psychotherapist in private practice where he sees meditators, yogis and those interested in well-being and spiritual development without spiritual bypassing and Instructor of Psychology at Weill Cornell Medical Center where he where he teaches and researches the clinical applications and health benefits of meditation.

Mindfulness-Based Contemplative Psychotherapy: A 9-Month Advanced Certificate Training

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Sharon Salzberg |  Joseph (Joe) Loizzo, MD, PhD |  Robert Thurman, PhD |  Miles Neale, PsyD |  Ethan Nichtern |  Emily J Wolf, PhD |  Rick Hanson, Ph.D. |  Richard Davidson, PhD |  ....
78 Hours 30 Minutes
May 01, 2018
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Online Course
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