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Tracy Dalgleish, CPsych

Dr. Tracy Dalgleish is a clinical psychologist, couples therapist, and sought-after relationship expert. For over fifteen years, she has provided direct clinical services to couples and has dedicated her time to researching, writing, and speaking about relationships. Her goal is to make the skills and tools she teaches her clients more accessible so they can build healthier relationships with themselves and with others. She is the founder of Be Connected Digital and the owner of a mental health clinic, Integrated Wellness. She lives in Ottawa, Canada, with her husband and two children.

I Didn’t Sign Up for This

A Couples Therapist Shares Real-Life Stories of Breaking Patterns and Finding Joy in Relationships … Including Her Own

Mental Health
Tracy Dalgleish, CPsych
Publication Date:
Sep 12, 2023
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$26.99 - Standard

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