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Trisha Farmer, COTA/L

Trisha Farmer, COTA/L, a nationally renowned speaker and educator, holds extensive experience in all aspects of acute care, including neurology, complex trauma, orthopedics and a multitude of diagnoses involving medically complex and clinically fragile patients. Clinically, she is currently employed within a Level I Trauma Center, which holds a nationally recognized stroke center and Regional Burn Center, where she routinely develops innovative and evidence-based treatment plans for patient’s experiencing a wide variety of diagnoses. In addition to her clinical expertise, Trisha serves as a continuing education instructor for multiple organizations, specializing in the provision of continuing education in the field of acute care therapy as well as wheelchair seating/positioning.  In her spare time, Trisha works closely with volunteer and non-profit organizations with a focus on veterans and suicide awareness.


Digital Seminar

Let’s Roll! The Art of Performing Seating & Mobility Evaluations

Kirsten Davin |  Trisha Farmer
5 Hours 24 Minutes
Audio and Video
Sep 12, 2017
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Digital Seminar
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